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General Working Instructions - Husqvarna LC48 Operator's Manual

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WARNING! Long-term inhalation of the
engine's exhaust fumes can represent a
health hazard.
Never start a lawn mower unless the cutters and all covers
are fitted correctly.
Never start the machine indoors. Exhaust fumes can be
dangerous if inhaled.
Ensure that the working area is sufficiently illuminated to
create a safe working environment.
Observe your surroundings and make sure that there is no
risk of people or animals coming into contact with the
cutting equipment. The operator is responsible for any
unsafe situations or risks that people and property are
exposed to.
Place the lawn mower on firm, flat surface and start it.
Make sure that the cutter cannot come into contact with
the ground or other objects.
Never twist the starter cord around your hand.
See the instructions under the heading Start and stop.
Fuel safety
WARNING! Fuel and fuel vapour are highly
inflammable. Take care when handling fuel
and engine oil. Bear in mind the risk of fire,
explosion and inhaling fumes.
Never refuel the machine while the engine is running.
Always ensure there is adequate ventilation when
refuelling and filling oil.
Move the machine at least 3 m from the refuelling point
before starting it.
Never start the machine:
1 If you have spilt fuel or engine oil on the machine. Wipe
off the spill and allow the remaining fuel to evaporate.
2 If you spill fuel or engine oil on yourself or your clothes.
Change your clothes.
3 If the machine is leaking fuel. Check regularly for leaks
from the fuel cap and fuel lines.
8 –
Transport and storage
The fuel and engine oil tanks should be emptied before
longer periods of storage or when transporting the lawn
mower. Ask where you can dispose of surplus fuel and
engine oil at your local petrol station.
Always store the lawn mower and fuel so that any leakage
or vapours do not risk coming into contact with sparks or
naked flames. For example, electrical machines, electric
motors, relays/switches, boilers, or the like.
Always store fuel in an approved container designed for
that purpose.

General working instructions

WARNING! This section describes basic
safety precautions for working with the lawn
mower. This information is never a
substitute for professional skills and
experience. If you get into a situation where
you feel unsure about how to progress, stop
and seek expert advice. Contact your dealer,
service agent or an experienced lawn mower
user. Avoid all usage which you consider to
be beyond your capability
Basic safety rules
Look around you:
- To ensure that people, animals or other things cannot affect
your control of the machine.
- To make sure that none of the above might come into
contact with the cutting equipment.
Branches, twigs, stones, etc. should be removed from the
lawn before you start to mow. Make sure the cutter does
not hit foreign objects such as stones, roots or the like.
This can make the cutter dull and bend the engine shaft.
Never lift up the lawn mower or carry it around when the
engine is running. If you must lift the lawn mower, first
switch off the engine and disconnect the ignition lead from
the spark plug.
Do not use the machine in bad weather, such as dense
fog, heavy rain, strong wind, intense cold, etc. Working in
bad weather is tiring and often brings added risks, such as
icy ground.
Make sure you can move and stand safely. Check the area
around you for possible obstacles (roots, rocks, branches,
ditches, etc.) in case you have to move suddenly. Take
great care when working on sloping ground.

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Table of Contents

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