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Craftsman 675 Series Operator's Manual page 16

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(.76 mm) Gap
2. Electrodes
3. Porcelain
Figure 5-3
NOTE:Althoughmulti-viscosity oils (5W30,10W30,etc.)improve
startingin cold weather,they will result in increasedoil consumption
whenusedabove32°RCheckyourengineoil levelmorefrequentlyto
avoidpossibleenginedamagefrom runninglowon oil.
Changeengineoil after thefirst five hoursof operation,and every 50
hoursthereafter. C hangeoil every 25 hoursof operationif the engine
is operatedunder heavyload or in high ambienttemperatures.
To Drain Oil
Drainoil while engineis warm.Followthe instructionsgivenbelow.
1. Todrain thegas tank,start the engineand let it run untilthe fuel
line and carburetorare empty.
2. Removedrain plug on theside of the engineand drain oil intoa
3. Whenengineis drainedof all oil, replacedrain plugand refillwith
approximately 20 oz. of fresh oil. Referto GasAnd Oil Fill-upin
OPERATION section.
Air Cleaner
Theair cleanerpreventsdamagingdirt, dust,etc., fromenteringthe
carburetorand beingforced intothe engineand is importantto engine
lifeand performance.
To Service
Air Filter
1. Loosenair cleanercover screw,butdo not removescrewfrom
cover.Swingcoverdownto removefrom hinge.
2. Inspectfilter for discolorationor dirt accumulation. I f eitheris
present,proceedas follows:
a. Cleaninsideof bodyand coverthoroughlyand removecartridge.
b. Reassemble newcartridgein the body. Swingcoverdown and
tightenthe screwloosenedearlier.
Temperature of mufflerand nearbyareasmay exceed150 ° F(65°C).
Avod theseareas.
,, Cleanthe spark plugand resetthe gap to.030"at least oncea
seasonor every50 hoursof operation.
,, Cleanarea aroundsparkplug. Removeand inspectspark plug.
,, Replaceif electrodesare pitted,burnedor the porcelainis cracked.
,, Checkelectrodegap with wirefeelergaugeand resetgap to.030
inches.See Figure5-3.
NOTE:Do not sandspark plug.Sparkplugshouldbe cleaned with a
wire brushand a commercialsolvent.
Clean Engine
,, Cleanengineperiodically,by removingdirt and debriswith a cloth
or brush.
NOTE:Cleaningwith a forcefulspray of wateris not recommended as
water couldcontaminate the fuelsystem.
,, Toensuresmoothoperationof the engine,keepthegovernor
linkage,springs,and controlsfreeof debris.
,, Every 100 hoursof operation,removecombustiondepositsfrom
top of cylinder,head,topof piston,and aroundvalves.
Neverrun the enginewithoutan air cleanercompletely assembled.
Servicecartridgeevery25 operatinghoursor everyseason.Service
cartridgemoreoften underdustyconditions.


Table of Contents

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