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Craftsman 675 Series Operator's Manual page 53

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Table of Contents
f. Never o verfill t hefueltank.Filltankto nomorethan1/2inchbelow
bottom offillernecktoprovide space forfuelexpansion.
g. Replace gasoline capandtighten securely.
h. If gasoline is spilled, w ipeit offtheengine andequipment, move
machine toanother a rea.Wait5 minutes before starting theengine.
i. Never s torethemachine orfuelcontainer insidewhere thereis anopen
flame, s parkorpilotlightasona waterheater, s pace heater, furnace,
clothes dryeror othergasappliances.
j. Allowmachine tocool5 minutes before storing.
1. Beforestartingthis machine,reviewthe "SafetyInstructions".
Failureto followthese rules mayresult in seriousinjuryto the
operatoror bystanders.
2. Neverleavethis machineunattended with the enginerunning.
3. Do notoperatemachinewhile underthe influenceof alcohol,drugs,
or medication.
4. Neverallowanyoneto operatethis machinewithoutproperinstruc-
5. Alwaysoperatethismachinewith all safety equipmentin place
and working.Makesureall controlsare properlyadjustedfor safe
6. Do notchangethe enginegovernorsettings or overspeedthe
engine.The governorcontrolsthe maximumsafeoperatingspeed
of the engine.
7. Whenloadinga log,alwaysplaceyour handson thesides of the
log, noton theends, and neveruseyourfoot to helpstabilizea log.
Failureto do so, may resultin crushedor amputatedfingers,toes,
hand,or foot.
8. Use onlyyour handto operatethe controls.
9. Neverattemptto split morethanone log at a time unlessthe ram
hasfully extendedand a secondlog is neededto completethe
separationof thefirst log.
10.For logswhichare notcut square,the least squareend and the
longestportionof the log shouldbe placedtowardthe beamand
wedge,and the squareend placedtowardtheend plate.
11.Whensplittingin the verticalposition,stabilizethe log before
movingthecontrol.Splitas follows:
a. Placelogontheendplateandturnuntilit leans against t hebeamand
b. When splitting extralargeor uneven logs,thelogmustbestabilized
withwooden shims or splitwoodbetween thelogandendplateor
12.Alwayskeepfingersawayfrom any cracksthat open in the log
whilesplitting.Theycan quicklycloseand pinchor amputateyour
13.Keepyourwork area clean.Immediatelyremovesplit wood around
the machineso you do not stumbleoverit.
14.Nevermovethis machinewhilethe engineis running.
15.Thismachineshouldnotbe towed on anystreet, highwayor public
roadwithoutcheckingthe existingfederal,state, or localvehicle
requirements. A ny licensingor modificationssuchas taillights,etc.,
neededto comply,is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.If a
"Statementof Origin"is requiredin yourstate,see yourlocaldealer.
16.Donot tow machinefasterthan45mph.
17.SeeTransportingthe Log Splittersectionin this manual f or proper
towing instructionsonceall federal, local,or staterequirements are
and Storage
1. Stoptheengine,disconnectthespark plugand groundit against
the engine beforecleaning,or inspectingthe machine.
2. Stoptheengine and relievehydraulicsystempressurebefore
repairingor adjustingfittings,hoses,tubing,or othersystem
3. To preventfires,cleandebrisand chafffrom the engineand muffler
areas. If the engine is equippedwith a sparkarrestermuffler,clean
and inspectit regularlyaccordingto manufacturers instructions.
Replaceif damaged.
4. Periodically checkthat all nuts and bolts,hoseclamps,and
hydraulicfittingsare tight to be sureequipmentis in safe working
5. Checkall safetyguardsand shieldsto be surethey are in the
properposition.Neveroperatewith safetyguards,shields,or other
protective featuresremoved.
6. The pressurereliefvalve is presetat the factory.Do not adjustthe
7. Neverattemptto movethis machineoverhilly or uneventerrain
withouta tow vehicleor adequatehelp.
8. Foryoursafety,replaceall damagedor worn parts immediately
with originalequipmentmanufacturer's (O.E.M.)partsonly. "Useof
partswhich do notmeet theoriginalequipmentspecificationsmay
leadto improperperformanceand compromisesafety!"
9. Donot alterthis machinein anymanner,alterationssuch as attach-
ing a ropeor extensionto the controlhandle,or adding to the width
or heightof the wedgemay result in personalinjury.
Your Responsibility
Restrictthe useof this powermachineto personswho read,under-
stand and followthe warningsand instructionsin this manualand on
the machine.Alwaysfollowdirectionson safetylabelsfoundon your


Table of Contents

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