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Craftsman 675 Series Operator's Manual page 65

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Prepareyour log splitterforstorageat the end of the seasonor if the
log splitterwill notbe usedfor 30 days or more.
WARNING: N everstore machinewith fuel in the fueltank insideof
buildingwherefumesmay reachan open flameor sparkor where
ignitionsourcesare presentsuchas hotwaterand space heaters,
_furnaces, c othes dyers,stoves,e ectr c motors,etc.
NOTE:Yearlycheck-upby your localSearsservicecenteris a good
wayto ensureyourlog splitterwill providemaximumperformancenext
1. Cleanthe log splitterthoroughly.
2. Wipeunitwith an oiled rag to preventrust,especiallyon the wedge
and the beam.
IMPORTANT: I t is importantto preventgumdepositsfrom formingin
essentialfuelsystempartssuch as carburetor,fuel filter,fuel hose,
or tank duringstorage.Also, alcoholblendedfuels (calledgasoholor
usingethanolor methanol)can attractmoisturewhich leadsto separa-
tionand formationof acids duringstorage.Acidic gascan damagethe
fuelsystemof an enginewhile in storage.
1. Drainthe fueltank. Alwaysdrainfuel intoapprovedcontainer
outdoorsawayfrom open flame.Be surethe engineis cool. Donot
smokewhile handlingthe fuel.
2. Start the engineand let it run untilthe fuel linesand carburetorare
IMPORTANT: N everuseengineor carburetorcleanerproductsin the
fuel tank or permanent d amagemayoccur.Usefresh fuel nextseason.
3. Removespark plug,pourapproximately 1/2 oz. of engine oil into
cylinderand crank slowlyto distributeoil.
4. Replacespark plug.
NOTE:Fuelstabilizeris an acceptablealternativein minimizingfor
formationof fuel gumdepositsduring storage.
Pleasefollowthe instructionsbelowfor storingyourlog splitterwith
fuel and stabilizerin theengine:
Add stabilizerto gasolinein fuel tankor storagecontainer.Always
follow the mix ratiofoundon stabilizercontainer.
Runengineat least 10 minutesafter addingstabilizerto allowthe
stabilizerto reachthe carburetor.
IMPORTANT: D o notdrain thegas tank and carburetorif usingfuel
stabilizer.Drainall the oil from the crankcase(thisshouldbe done
after the enginehas beenoperatedand is still warm)and refillthe
crankcasewith fresh oil.
Donot storegasolinefromone seasonto another.
Replaceyourgasolinecan if it starts to rust.
Storeunit in a clean,dry area.Do notstore next to corrosive
materials, s uch as fertilizer.
Wipe equipment w ith an oiled rag to preventrust.


Table of Contents

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