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Caring For Your; Removing Th_ Oven Dbor - KitchenAid KEMS307G Use And Care Manual

Lower electric convection oven
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for Your Electric Convection Oven
• Mildly abrasive cleanser
or stainless-steel
Stainless steel
surfaces (cont.)
Stubborn stains and
baked-on residue
Hard water spots
• Vinegar
Oven door glass
Oven cavity
Food spillscontaining
sugar and/or milk
All other spills
Oven racks
Broiler pan end grid
• Soap and water
• Non-abrasive plastic
scrubbing pad
• Spray glass cleaner
• Soap and water
• Self-cleaning cycle
• Soap and water
• Steel wool pad
• Self-cleaning cycle
• Soap and water
• Steel wool pad
• Dishwasher
• Solution of 1/2cup
(125 mL) ammonia to
1 gallon (3.78 L) water
• Mild abrasive cleanser or
commercial oven cleaner
• To avoid mardng the surface, rub in
the direction of grain lines with a
damp cloth or sponge and cleanser.
Wipe thoroughly with clean water.
Repeat if necessary.
• Swab or wipe with cloth. Wipe with
clean water and dry.
• Wash, rinse and dry with soft cloth.
• Wipe with paper towel.
• When oven cools, wash, rinse
and dry with soft cloth or sponge.
• See the "Using the self-cleaning
cycle" section.
• Wash, rinse and dry.
• Place on 2nd and 4th rack guides.
Racks will discolor and become
harder to slide. After cleaning, apply
vegetable oil to rack guides for
easier sliding.
• Wash, rinse and dry.
• Soak for 20 minutes, then scrub
with plastic scrubbing pad.
• DO NOT clean the pan and gd d
in the self-cleaning cycle.
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Removing the oven
For normal use of your oven, you do not
need to remove the door. However, you can
remove the door by following the instructions
in this section.
The oven door is heavy. Use both hands
to remove and replace the door. Do not lift
and carry the door by the handle. To remove
and replace the door you may need help.
To remove:
1. Open door all the way.
NOTE: Two "_" (4 mm) Allen wrenches or
two nails of similar diameter may be used if
factory furnished door removal pins have
been misplaced. Be careful not to damage
porcelain finish.



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