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Usingaluminumfoil - KitchenAid KEMS307G Use And Care Manual

Lower electric convection oven
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(Using Your Electric Convection Oven
Using aluminum
• Do not line the oven bottom with any
type of foil,
|iners, or
damage will
occur to the
oven bottom
• Do not
block the oven
bottom vents.
• Do not cover the entire rack with
aluminum foil. Doing so will reduce air
circulation and overall oven performance.
• To catch spillovers from pies or
casseroles place foil on the oven rack
below. Foil should be turned up at edges
and be at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) larger than
• Place tent-shaped
foil loosely over meat
or poultry to slow down surface browning
for long term roasting. Remove foil for the
last 30 minutes.
• Use narrow strips of foil to shield
piecrust edges if browning too quickly.
Although your new oven is propedy adjusted
to provide accurate temperatures, it may
cook faster or slower than your old oven.
If, after using the oven for a period of
time, you are not satisfied with the
baking/roasting results, you can change the
offset temperature by following the steps
below. The control will "remember" the
selected offset even after the power has
been interrupted or lost.
NOTE: DO NOT measure oven temperature
with a thermometer. Opening the oven door
will lower the oven temperature and give
you an inaccurate reading. Also, the ther-
mometer temperature reading will change
as your oven cycles.
Press and hold BAKE for5
Hold for
5 seconds
Release the pad when a number and
CAL appear on the temperature display
and you hear a tone.
2. Set new offset temperature.
You can set the offset temperature
adjustment as low as -35°F (-21°C) or as
high as +35°F (21°C). Each time you
press BAKE, the displayed temperature
will increase by 5°F (3°C). Each time you
press BROIL, the displayed temperature
will decrease by 5°F (3°C). (To determine
the amount of adjustment needed, see
the chart later in this section.)
NOTE: If there is no "F" after the
temperature, you are in the Celsius
Enter the adjustment.
NOTE: If you press LOWER OVEN
CANCEL instead of START, the offset
temperature will stay the same.
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