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Unicouple - GE GSC452 Use And Care Manual

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How to use the Unicouple
Before operating your
dishwasher the fmt time...
Attachthe AeratorFaucetAdapter.
The special aerator faucet adapter
supplied with your dishwasher must
be assembled to the sink faucet
before you can use your dishwasher.
The faucet adapter is designed to
fit standard spouts having internal
or external threads. Youwill find
the adapter and two washers in the
"Hardware for Installation" packet
in your dishwasher.
Toinstall faucet adapter, first
remove the old aerator or trim ring
on your faucet spout.
If faucet has external threads:
Insert the thinner of the two
washers into the faucet adapter and
attach it to the faucet spout.
If faucet has internal threads:
Insert both washers into the faucet
adapter and attach it to the faucet
spout .
If the faucet adapter threads do
not match your faucet spout, your
local hardware or plumbing supply
store normally has additional fittings
to adapt your faucet spout to the
special aerator faucet adapter.
NOTE:A sink spray attachment
hose can burst if it is installed on
the same sink w"thyour dishwasher
Wesuggest that you disconnect the
sink spiny attachment if your sink
has one andplug the hole.
How to connect the
1. Pull
Unicouple and its hoses from
storage compartment located at rear
of dishwasher and attach it to the
fiiucet adapter.
2. Attach the Unicouple connector
to the faucet adapter by depressing
collar at the top of the connector.
When Unicouple is all the wayup
onto the adapter, release the collar.
It will then snap into position to
lock the Unicouple in place.
The Unicouple'ssmall hose carries
water from the faucetto the
dishwasher. Its large hose carries
drain water to the sink. Be sure drain
hose is pointing towardthe sink bowl
drain opening and the sink drain is
open for water that will drain from
your dishwasher. If your dishwasher
drains into a disposer, operate the
disposer until it is completely empty
before starting the dishwasher.
~m hot water fully on before
starting the dishwasher.
How to use the
Faucet-Flo nozzle
The Faucet-Flo nozzle is part of the
Unicouple connector. Operate the
nozzle by depressing the pressure
release lever on the side of the
Unicouple connector. Youwill fmd
the Faucet-Flo nozzle usefi.dfor
several reasons. For example:
It allows youto flush cold water
out of the hot waterline so that you
can better regulate your water
It allowsyou to test the
temperature of the water before
starting your dishwasher.
If you need freshwater for
personal use:
Discomect the Unicouple.
Draw your fkeshwater directly
from your faucet.
Do not discomect the Unicouple
while the dishwasher is operating.
How to disconnect the
Unicouple from faucet
1. 'Xhm off the hot water.
2. Release the waterpressure by
depressing the pressure release
lever. This relieveswater pressure
and protects you, and the room,
from severe splashing.
3. Release Unicouple from faucet by
depressing the col~mat the top of the
Unicouple comector.
How to discomect your
1. Removethe power cord plug
from the wall receptacle.
2. Disconnect Unicouple from
3. Shake excess water out of
Unicouple and return it and its
hoses to the dishwasher storage
N0F13: When motor stops at the
end of the final rinse, the Unicouple
can be disconnected and returned
to storage.
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