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Control Settings - GE GTH18DCXALWW Owner's Manual And Installation Instructions

Top-freezer refrigerator model 18
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About the controls on the refrigerator.
Initially, set the control(s) at 5 (some models have
only one control). Aflow 24 hours for the temperature
to stabilize.
Several adjustments may be required. Adjust the
control(s) one increment at a time and allow 12hours
after each adjustment for the refrigerator to reach the
temperature you have set.
Setting the refrigerator control to 0 stops cooling in
both the freezer and refrigerator compartments but
does not shut off electrical power to the refrigerator.
(on some models)
The freezer control (on some models) has no effect on electrical power to the refrigerator.
Controlsettings will vary based on personalpreferences,usage and operating conditions,and may require
more than one adjustment.Factorsthat affect temperature include the amountof foodin the refrigeratoror
freezer, the frequencyof door opening and the temperature of foodwhen it is placed in the refrigerator.
About the water filter. (on some models)
Water Filter Cartridge
The water filter cartridge is
located inside the cartrklge
hoMer in the back upper fight
corner of the refligetator
NOTE." S ome models ship with the
filter bypass plug in place of the
filter cartridge. The filter bypass plug needs to be removed before
the filter cartridge is installed. Kee l) the filter bypass plug fbr
tim/re use.
When to Replace the Filter
The filter cartridge should be replaced every six months or earlier
if the flow of water to the icemaker and dispenser decreases.
_)u must use the filter b) pass plug when
a replacement
filter cartridge is not available. The dispenser and
the icemaker will not ol)et>tte without the filter or filter bypass
Replacement Filters
Toorderadditionalfiltercartridges in the UnitedStates,visit our
Webs#e,,or call GEParts andAccessories,
Filter Model GS_T
Customet_ in Canada shouM consult the yellow pages %r
the nearest Mabe Set_'ice Center°
Installing the Filter Cartridge
If you are replacing the
cartridge, firs/remove
old one. To open the
camidge covel, push in
where indicated and the
cover will drop do_x_.
Remove the cartridge by
slowl) rotating it to the left.
A small amount of water
ma) drip down.
has been trapped in the s)ts/em,
the filmr cartridge may be
ejecmd as it is removed. Use
caution when remofing.
Apply a month and },eat
sticker to the new cartridge
to remind }ou to replace it
in six months.
Close the cartridge covel:
inside the cartridge bolder
and slowly rotate the
cartridge to the fight until
it stops. _]_en the
cartridge is properly
installed, you will Del it
"click" as it locks into
place. The blade on the
end of the cartridge
shouM be positioned
_rtically'. O0 not
Run water flom the
dispenser for 3 minutes
(about 11/_gallons) to cleat
the sy:s/em and i)re_nt
si)utmfing. See ToUse the
Dispenser secdon.
NOTE,'Aneedy-installed _x_tter
filter cartridge may ca#sowater
tOSpUrt flom the dispenseL

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Table of Contents

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