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About The Shelves And Bins - GE GTH18DCXALWW Owner's Manual And Installation Instructions

Top-freezer refrigerator model 18
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Table of Contents
About the shelves and bins.
Not all features are on all models.
Rearranging the Shelves
Refrigerator Compartment
Tilt t he sbelf.p at t he ont.
Lift the shelf up at the back
and bring the shelf out.
canbe adjustedin the samemanner.
the top book at the back of the
shelf in a slot on the track.
[ z)wer the front of the shelf until
the bottonl of the shelf locks into
Freezer Compartment
To remove:
Lift and slide left.
Rotate I/l) and ont.
Holding the shelf diagonall b
insert the left end of the shelf
into the center of tile shelf
supports on the side _x_lll.
Insert the right end of the
shelf into the shelf supports
on the skte wall. Rest each
end of the shelf on the
bottom of the shelf supports.
Slide-Out SAil/proof Shelf (onsomemodels)
The slide<rot spillproof shelf alkm:s you to reach
imms SlaTedbehind others. The special edges
are designed to helI) pre_>nt spills hom dripping
to lo,xer shelves.
NOTE" Theshelvesareshippedwith tapeon the
back. R emove thistapebefore attempting toremove
To remove:
Remove all items honl shel£
Slide the shelf out until it stops.
Lift the flont edge of the shelf until the tabs
are above the shelf flame.
Contim/e pulling the shelf forward until it
can be lifted out and removed.
To replace:
Place the rear of the shelf on tile shelf fi'ame
just behind the flont bat:
Slide the shelf back until the tabs are above
the openings.
Lo,xer the shelf so that the tabs go into the
openings; then slide the shelf all the ,xvlyin.
Makesurethat theshelfsits flat after reinsta//atioo a nd
doesn't m ovefreelyfromsideto side.
Makesureyoupushthe shelves aft the wayin before you
Adjustable Bins on the Door (onsomemodels)
bins can easily be carried
flom reflJgerator
to work area.
N remove:
Toreplace or relocate'.
Lift bin straight I/I,; then pull out.
End, lEe tl/e bin in the rooMed supports
of the door and push (lo,x_. Bin will lock
in place.
NOTE: Bins for the refrigerator and freezer doors are different sizes and are not interchangeable.
Non-Adjustable Shelves on the Door
Detachable shelves deepen and enclose fixed
door shelves, providing more storage roonl and
greater storage flexibili_
TO remove:
Lift the shelf straight i/l); then pull out.
To replace:
En_age the shelf ex/ender in the rooMed
supports on the door and push (to_.
It will lock in place.
Freezer Tilt-Out Bin (onsomemodels)
Push the button as )'oil tilt out the bin.
TOremove: HeM the sides of the bin and
lift it suaight i/l); then pull out.
Toreplace: Engage the ends of the bin
in the molded supports on the door and
push dcm_. It will lock in place.
NOTE"Donotoverload thebin.

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Table of Contents

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