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Normal Operating Sounds - GE GTH18DCXALWW Owner's Manual And Installation Instructions

Top-freezer refrigerator model 18
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Table of Contents
Normal operating sounds.
Newer refrigerators
sound different from older refrigerators.
Modern refrigerators
have more features and use newer technology.
Be you hear what / hear? These sounds are normal.
[] The new high efficiency' compressor
may' run f_ster and longer
than }_mr old refiJgemtor and you may hear a high-pitched
hum or pulsating sound while it is operating.
[] Ym may hear a whooshing sound when the doors close.
This is due to pressure equalizing within the reh-igemto_:
[] Ym may hear cracking or popping sounds when the
is first plugged in. This hal)pens as the reh-igemtor
cools to the correct temperature.
[] The compressor may' cause a clicking or chirping sound when
atmmpting to restart (this could rake up to 5 minums).
[] Expansion and contraction
of cooling coils during and after
dehost can cause a crocking or popping sound.
m On models with an icemaket; after an icemaking cycle, }_m
may' hear the ice cubes dropi)ing into the ice bucket.
[] On models with a dispense_; during v, a mr dispense, you may
hear the _mr
lines mo_
at initial dispense and after
dispenser button is released.
Ym may hear the f_msspinning at high speeds. This happens
when the reh-igecator is fi,_t plugged in, when the doors are
opened fiequently or when a large amount of fbod is added to
the refiigecator or fieezer comi)amnents. The f_msare helping
to maintain the correct temi)e_vttures.
[] The flow of rehJgemnt
through the heezer cooling coils may
make a gmgling noise like boiling ,xam_:
[] _Smr dropI)ing on the dehost hearer can cause a sizzling,
popping or buzzing sound during the dehost cycle.
[] A ,_amr dripi)ing noise may' occtlr during the dehost cycle as
ice melts hom the e_ti)omtor and flcm;s into the (hain pan.
[] Closing the (k_or may' cause a gmgling sound due to pressure
Before you call for service...
Troubleshooting 77ps
Save time and money! Review the charts on the following
pages first and you may not need to carl for service.
What To Do
Freezer door pops open
This is normal if, after
* This indicates that there is a good seal on the fieezer
whenrefrigerator door
popping open, the freezer
dooL If/he heezer door does not automatically' close after
is closed
door closed on its own.
popping open, the rollers need adjus/ing. See Rollersand
Door doesnot close
Leveling legs need adjusting.
* See Rollersand Leveling Legs.
by itseH
Refrigerator does
in defrost cycle.
* \_tit about 40 minutes fk)r dehost cycle k_ end.
not operate
control in
* Move/he
reh-ige_ator and heezer control to a
0 (off)position,
is unplugged.
* Push the plug complemly' into the outlet.
The fuse is blown/circuR
* Replace flJse or reset the breakeL
breaker is tripped.
Vibration or rattling
is not resting
* Adjus/leveling
legs (See Rollersand LevelingLegs).
on all four rollers.
is normal)

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Table of Contents

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