Craftsman 25481 Instructions For Assembly And Operation Manual
Craftsman 25481 Instructions For Assembly And Operation Manual

Craftsman 25481 Instructions For Assembly And Operation Manual

Deluxe router table multi-function/unitized fence


AllInstructions C arefully
Pa_ No. 49L CN:59
3333 BeverlyRoad,
HoffmanEstates,IL 60179
Made In U,S.A.
Printed h7U,S.A.


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  • Page 1 CRAFr.3 _xeRouter Table Solday: :CAUTION!_Read AllInstructions C arefully SEARS, ROEBUCK A ndCO. (RouterNotIncluded) 3333 BeverlyRoad, HoffmanEstates,IL 60179 Made In U,S.A. Pa_ No. 49L CN:59 Printed h7U,S.A.
  • Page 2 FAILURE TO HEED ALLSAFETY AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ANDWARNINGS REGARDING USEOFTHIS PRODUCT CANRESULT IN SERIOUS80DILY INJURY. GENERAL S AFETY INSTRUCTIONS F ORPOWER TOOLS 1. KNOWYOURPOWER TOOL 12. USESAFETY GOGGLES (Head Protection) Readthe owner's manualcarefully.Learn its applicationand WearSafetygoggles (mustcomplywith ANSI'Z87,1)at all times. Also, use faceor dust mask, if cutting operationis dusty, and ear limitationsas well asthe specific potential hazardspeculiarto this toot.
  • Page 3 RUNNINGFORANY OTHERREASON. should be "vacuumed" frequently to prevent interferencewith NOTE:It is far more safeand convenientto usea "Craftsman normal motor ventilation. +25183 Router TableSwitch package".This switch providesa key 6. CHECK FUNCTION OFGUARDBEFORE EACHUSE.REMOVE...
  • Page 4 OPTIONAL ROUTER TABLE ACCESSORIES #25326 CRAFTSMAN UNIVERSAL ADAPTERPLATE,for mounting non-Craftsman1/4" shank routers to Craftsmanrouter accessories. #25183 CRAFTSMAN ROUTER TABLEPOWER SWITCH,for turning router and other accessories"on" and "off" from the front of the router table, #25468 CRAFTSMAN GUIDEMASTERRouterTablePush Shoe,aids in push shoe and hold down operations,accuratemeasurementand router table setup,transforms into a miter gauge,and gives quick set up for 1/2"...
  • Page 5 ASSEMBLY OF EXTENSIONS AND LEGS t. Toassemblethe EXTENSIONS and LEGSto ROUTER TABLE, placetable, top side down, on a smooth, flat surfi_ce,and position the LEGSand EXTENSIONS relativeto the TABLEas shown in Figure1. htsert the #10-32 x Yi' screwthrough the LEGand install lock washer and nut.
  • Page 6 SELECTING AND INSTALLING[ABLEINSERTS 1.With the desiredbit in the router, selecta table insert which has a center hole slightly larger thanthe diameter of the router [)it. Note: Forbits larger than approximately!_;" diameter,do not usean insert, 2, Thetable insertsare designedto be snappedinto the router table. Stidethe large tang under the edgeof the large hole in the router tableas shown in Fig.
  • Page 7 1. Placethe unitizedfence upsidedown on a flat surface as shown in Fig. #5a & #Sb. 2. Orient the retractableguard as shown in Fig, #5a & #5b. Positionand hold the spring over its hub such that formed end of spring wraps over the guard as shown in Fig. #So & #5b. 3.
  • Page 8 !, Screw the small end of clamp rod into threadedhole m clamp ptateuntil the platebottoms on its shoulder (make sure clamp 'FLAT WASHER plate is orientedsuch that letter "C" is facing outwardsas shown in Fig,//7). 2. Tightlysecure clamp plateto clamp rod using _" helical lock washerand a hex nut.
  • Page 9 THEROUTER TABLEMUSTALWAYSBEFIRMLYAND SECURELY MOUNTEDTOA WORK SURFACE BEFORE USE. FAILURE TO DO SO COULDCAUSE TABLETOTIP OVERORSLIDE,RESUL.TING IN PROPERTY DAMAGE ANDIORSERIOUSPERSONA[. I NJURY, Eachleg has (4} lloles at the bottom for mounting. Firmly secure router table to work surface usingappropriate fasteneis (not provided)as shown in Fig, #10.
  • Page 10 Assembleprotractor headtOmiter bar as shown in Fig. #13. .. _4-417 X 3/4 LG ,_" PANHEAD MACHINE SCREW 1. Measuredistancefrom each end of unitized fence to edge 'E' of miter bar slot on thetable as shown in Fig. #t4. If both distances __"t¢"*.._ -_-- POtNTER...
  • Page 11 4. Raiseor lower the _outeruntil top cutting edg(_ cf bd _,._ _f!:(m,}d with line 'B. (Refer to your router ownel's !rla,llual hji' adjusliq_ I your router proper}y).AFTERMAKINGTHISAOJUS:rMENT, i-3E: SURETHATROUTER IS SECURELY T IGHTENED tN ]HE ROUTER BASE,BIT tS SECURELY TIGHTENED IN THEROUTEF_ CHUCK, AND ROUTER BASEIS 1tGHTLY SECURED TO TABLETOK 5, Removethe board flora the fence, WHENADJUSTING HEIGHTOF ROUTER...
  • Page 12 See Fig. #!9. NOTE:if you havepurchasedRAILAND STILECUTFERS (Craftsman-_ 21257 or _21259) for making cabinet door frames on your router table, MAKESURETHATFRAMETHICKNESS is not more than _". II frame thicknessis more than _", the top of i[f_e bit, as shown in Fig.
  • Page 13 DONOTSETDEPTHOF CUTMORETHAN _" (FIG. #23). IF DEPTHOFCUTIS MORE THAN %",THEEDGE'E' OFWORKPIECE WHENSLIOtNG ACROSS WILL INTERFERE WITH PORTION'P' OFGUARD.THE GUARD THENWILL NOTRETRACT INSIDEFENCE,ANDYOU • " ' " 3,"8' MAX. DEPTH WILL NOTBEABLETOSLIDEWORKPIECE ACROSSTHEBIT TO MAKETHE CUT,SEEFIG. #24. 5. POsitionworkpiecebetweenclamp plate and push block such that its side is held flush against face of the unitizedfence,el_(ito be cut is resting on the edge of the table top hole and edge marked with lines 'A' and 'B' is facing the router bit.
  • Page 14 NOTE: W hen cutting tenons,alwaysclamp work[)ic(:_,_,_.Ati, (:nd to be cut resting on edgeof tabletop hote,1his will inmnuize ste_s m finished tenor] surface (Fig.#25) due to w.triationsin lhe tabletop flatness, ALWAYS CUTFULLDEPTHON ALL4 SIDES OFTENONIN ONEPASSACROSS THE6IT, ONCE THESIDESARECUTANDIF STEPSOROTHER IMPERFECTIONS A RENOTICED ON FINISHED TENONSURFACE, CLEAN THEMWITH WOO0CHISEL,SANDPAPER ORFILE, ETC.
  • Page 15 4. S(;cureivllgh!(!n br}thkn(}b::_ a nd i i)WER ll-fi} f_lJ_&iq_: _, _ ');.;_:t:_ THEBIT 5. Make,die cut fly sli(lmg,shai[,hi _,,_I!j-;_' o! wo_kpiecea :lamStt!]e fence.(For eachsucc_ssve cut, the fence would needto bc readjtJsted.) NOTE:Testcol a pieceof scrap wood before making yotir finish(!d cut.
  • Page 16 PARTSLIST FORCRAFTSMANROUTERTABLE MODELNO. 25481 5.I .3_ 3,t7.28.31 ! -_ 4t _'_.._ ..36 '_, _ - h {t[Lt&WaIIIiMB 25,4 -';'i;'_ " 14 39 PartNO, Description Quan, Parl No. Oescrtlltlon Quan. 31L-431 29L-648 PushBlock CastRouter Table Top 29LCN-985 Table Leg_ 29L-65t Ct_m£Rod F29A*306-41 Y_"...

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