Install Bit And Throat Plate; Relocate On/Off Switch; Final Preparation For Operation - Craftsman ROUTER MOUNTING KIT Operator's Manual

For model no. 315.228390 table saw
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• Alignthe holes in the table with the holes in your
muter. Feed the screwsthrough the table and
intothe muter. See Figure 8.
"Rghtenall screwswith a flathead screwdriver.
Fig. 8
• To installthe muter bit,follow the instructionsin
the operator's manual that came with your muter.
Make sure the muter bit will not
stdke the accesson/or any metal surface.
• Select the correctsize throat plate for the size of
the muter bit.Align the tab on the throat plate
with the slot in the muter extension and snap In
place. Make sum the throat plate is firmlyseated
below the table surface. Recheck the muter bitto
make sum it will not strike the throat plate.
_1= WARN ING: The muter throat plates are
includedto assure no more than 114 in.clear-
ance between the cutter and the opening in the
throat plate. Use the con,octthrcet plate. Do not
use a router bit smaller then 114 in. or larger
then 2 in.
When using the router extension,it is recommended
that you move the switchboxto the left side of the
table, To do this:
• Remove the left and rightendcaps on the front
rail usinga phillipsscrewdriver.
Loosenthe hex nut securingthe switchhoxto the
front rail and slide switchboxoff rail,
• Repositionswitchboxto a convenientlocationon
the left side of the front rail by slidingthe square
head of the boltinto the lowertrack. "i3ghen hex
nut with an adjustable wrench.
• Replace rail endcaps
using a
• Adjustthe guard/dustcover sothat it will not
come in contactwith the workpiece or cutter
dudnga cuttingoperation.
• Directionof feed of the workplace is from fightto
left or from the front of the saw toward the back
with the bit located in the fence opening.
See Figure 9.
Fig. 9
Directionoffeed mustalways be sothat the
workpisoeis being thrust againstthe sharp edges
of the rotatingbit.
• The workplace mustalways be tight againstthe
guide fence, unless• ball-bearingpilotedbit is
being used. The infead fence shouldbe adjusted
to supportthe uncutwod,,piecewhge the ouffeed
fence shouldbe adjusted properlyto supportthe
workpiece afterthe cut passesthe muter bit,
compensatingfor the removed stock.
WARNING: The directionof the feed for the
workpisce is always againstthe sharpedges of
the bit and into the rotationof the cutter.Failure
to heed this waming is likelyto resultin sedous
WARNING: Do not use the guide fence with
ball-.bearing pilotedbits. Failureto heed this
warning may result in sedous personalinjury.
WARNING: The guard/dustcover must be
used in all muting operations.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents