Assembly; Install Router Extension - Craftsman ROUTER MOUNTING KIT Operator's Manual

For model no. 315.228390 table saw
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Unplugthe saw.
WARNING: Unplugthe powersupplycordof the
saw beforemountingthis kit, Failureto unplug
yoursaw could rasult in accidentalstarting
causingpossible seriouspersonalinjury.
• IL WARNING: The saw's motor cord muStbe
disconnectedfrom the racaptacle on saw when
usingthis kit, The power cord of the router muSt
be plugged intothe receptacle on the saw, The
saw's maSter switchmuStbe used to turn the
muter On and Off, Failure to do so could result
in serious personal injury,
Note: The muter extensionincludedinthis kitreplaces
the _ table extensionthat came withyourCrattsman
table saw. Ifyou are assemblingyour saw for thefirst
time and wish to mountyour muter kitat this time,
follow the assemblyinStructions t hat came withyour
saw,substituting the routerextensionfor the left
extensionwing.Once the muter extensionisattached
to the saw,turnthe heading labelled=InstallGuard/
DuStCover"on page 5 ofthis manualand follow the
remainderofthe assembly inStructions.
If you are mounting this muter kitto a Craftsmantable
sawthat isalreadyassembled, proceedas follows,
• Remove front and rear rails by looseningthe four
5/16-t8 hex nuts holdingthe left table extension
to the rails,as well as the two 5116-1 8 hex nuts
sacudng the left side of the main table to the rails.
The nuts are locatedon the undersideof the
table. Slide left sectionsof beth front and rear
railsoff. Sea Figure 2.
Fig. 2
• With the assiStance of another person, remove
the four hex nuts,washers and bells holdingthe
table extension to the main table and remove
table extension.
• With the assiStanceof another person, position
muter extension so that the four holes along the
edge line up with the four holes in the main table.
Feed a 5116-18 x 1-114in. belt through each hole
as shownin Figure 3 and attach washers. Using
an adjuStablewrench, tighen the 5/1 6-18 nuts
sacudng the router extension to the main table.
WARNING: The extensionsare very heavy.
Do not attempt to remove or assemble exten-
sionswithoutthe helpof another person, When
liftingthe extensions or maneuvedng saw,
always keep your knees bent and lift with your
legs, not your beck. Ignodngthese precautions
can resultin back Injury.
Fig. 3
• The front and rear rails have slottedtracks
designedto acceptthe belt heads you loosened
In order to slidethe rails off. Stinting at the far left
side,carefully feed the front railtoward the
middle,making sure that the bolt heads are fully
engaged inthe track. Repeat with rear rail.
Note: There are two slottedtracks on the front rail.
The top track is designedto accept the bolt heads.
See Figure4.
Usingan adjustablewrench, tighten each of the
sixhex nuts sacudng the railsto the router
extension and main table.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents