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Sharp Viewcam VL-H410X Operation Manual

Liquid crystal video camera
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Before using this VIEWCAM, please read this manual
carefully, especially page 2.


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Sharp Viewcam VL-H410X

  • Page 1 SHARP, LIQUID CRYSTAL VIDEO CAMERA kli H OPERATION MANUAL Before using this VIEWCAM, please read this manual carefully, especially page 2. S H A R P...
  • Page 2 Please refer servicing to a qualified dealer or a Camcorder service centre approved by Sharp. This VIEWCAM does not have a PCM recording or playback function. PCM recording made using other VCRs or audio dubbing cannot be played back on this unit.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    The purchase of this VIEWCAM will further enhance your home video enjoyment. Before operating, please read this opera- tion manual to get the most out of your Sharp VIEWCAM. Also, please save tt for future reference, since it wtll be useful tf you...
  • Page 4: Dew Formation

    @ Remove the bag when the air temperature Under such circumstances, contact the nearest inside it reaches the temperature of the SHARP service centre or your dealer for further surroundings. advice. (Video head cleaning can be easily done by using a commercially available cleaning tape.
  • Page 5 USE 81 CARE @After operation, remove the battery pack from Watch the temperature and humidity. at 0°C to +4O”C, the unit. can use your VIEWCAM relative humidity. Do not store the unit in an *Do not aim the lens at the sun. unventilated car in the summer, in direct Do not allow direct sunlight to strike the VIEWCAM sunlight, or near strong heat sources;...
  • Page 6: Battery Pack

    Note: Dtspose of used batteries promptly. Please use the SHARP BT-L1 or BT-L1 1 battery packs. The battery pack will become warm during charging and They are designed specifically for use with this use. This normal and not a malfunction.
  • Page 7: Precautions

    VIDEO CASSETTE TAPES To protect recordings against erasure When a previously recorded video cassette is used again for recording, the previously recorded material is erased. To protect a recording against accidental erasure, slide the tab on the video cassette to cover the hole. (A red mark will be exposed.) To record again, slide the tab to open the hole.
  • Page 8 RETURN/SEARCH button [26, 321 Cover - Zoom button [23] REC START/STOP button [22] SNAP/EXTEND button [24, 381 STILL/STROBE button [39] DIS button [38] PICTURE/ Operate switch VOLUME bu (CAMERA/VCR select) [22, 311 Photoreceptor PHONES (Headphone) jack LAMP OFF indicator [30] PLUG IN POWER Krophone jack (See below) -_---J MODE DISPLAY [25]...
  • Page 9 VIEWCAM securing lever VIEWCAM release button AC adaptor release button LED-lamp window Power Zoom Telephoto/Wide control buttons Record START/STOP button ____ PAUSE/STILL button PLAY button Fast Forward/Forward Search Rewind/Reverse Search button button SLOW button STOP button ~ VOLUME up button VOLUME down button Notes: To use the infrared remote control, make sure that the...
  • Page 10: Monitor Display

    DISPLAY LOCATIONS Recording mode indicators The VIEWCAM is In Recording II-_-__ Hi8 indicator Standby mode, and is not recording Backlight-off indicators 0 > > i i 5 World clock/Summer time indicator Recording (Continuous flashing) 1-11 rExtended z o o m d i s p l a y Lighting (LIGHT)/Backlight Date/Time indicators-...
  • Page 11: Installing The Memory Backup Battery

    Reattach the cover firmly unttl it clicks into place Rotate the lens section and return it to the normal position REPLACE BATTERY WITH SHARP TYPE CR2025 (PART NO. UBATL0004TAZZ) OR SONY ENERGYTEC TYPE CR2025 ONLY. USE OF A DIFFERENT BATTERY MAY PRESENT A RISK OF FIRE OR EXPLOSION.
  • Page 12: Uslng The Ac Adaptor/Battery Charger

    Charging time depends on the ambient temperature and the condition of the battery pack Cautions: Charge only SHARP model BT-L1 or BT-L1 1 battery packs Other types of battenes may burst, causing Charging time using AC adaptor/battery charger personal injury and damage...
  • Page 13: Charging On The Viewcamport Unit

    CHARGING ON THE VIEWCAMPORT UNIT If the VIEWCAM is attached to the ViewCamport unit, the battery pack in the VIEWCAfy’l can be charged automatically and continuously. The ViewCamport unit keeps your VIEWCAM ready adaptor to operate at any time. Attach the AC adaptor to the ViewCamport unit and insert the AC plug into a wall outlet.
  • Page 14: Powering The Viewcam From An Ac Outlet

    Check your car operation manual or consult a local car (supplied) (opttonal accessory) dealer Charge only SHARP model BT-L1 or BT-L1 battery packs Other battery types may burst, caustng personal intury and damage The battery used tn thts device may present the risk of a rtse in surface temperature and/or the release of flammable vapors.
  • Page 15: Inserting And Removing The Battery Pack

    INSERTING AND REMOVING THE BATTERY PACK Inserting Pull up the battery compartmknt latch on the bottom of the VIEWCAM and turn it counter- clockwise to open the battery compartment. Insert the battery pack into the compartment and push it until it clicks into the notch. Close the cover and turn the latch clockwise to secure it firmly.
  • Page 16: Inserting And Removing Acassette

    INSERTING AND REMOVING A CASSETTE Inserting a Cassette Slide the OPEN release to open the cassette compartment door. Press the EJECT button. The cassette compartment extends automatically. Insert the video cassette with the window facing outward. Make sure that the red projection is set to OPEN and that there is no slack in the tape.
  • Page 17: Setting The Date And Time

    SETTING THE DATE AND TIME Example: Setting the date to 2 June 1995 (2. 6. 1995) and the time to IO:30 am (IO:30 AM) in Sydney. Notes: Check that the memory backup lithium battery has been tnstalled before setting the date and time. The date and time, once set, are stored in memory.
  • Page 18: Part Names

    WORLD CLOCK This VIEWCAM comes equipped with a World Clock feature. This allows you to easily adjust the time when you use the VIEWCAM while traveliqg anywhere in the world outside your own time zone. If you have not previously set the area, date and time, see page 16 and set them first.
  • Page 19: The Monitor

    To Display Area, Date and Time on the Monitor MENU 1 Select “DISPLAY” on the MENU 1 and set it to ON. DATE/T I ME The area, date and time will be displayed on the W;bFY DATE+T I ME monitor. l l : S Y D N E Y 9 AREA *SUMi T I M E O F F...
  • Page 20 Using the World Clock LONDON England, Morocco, GMT (Greenwich mean time) Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, PARIS Portugal, CST (Continental Standard Time), Tunisia CAIRO Egypt, Finland, Greece, Turkey MOSCOW Ethiopia, Iraq, Kenya, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, Seychells, Russia (Moscow) DUBAI United Arab Emirates KARACHI...
  • Page 21: Picture/Volume/Backlight Adjustments

    PICTURE/VOLUME/BACKLIGHT i _ - - _ ! ADJUSTMENT OFF: .‘Z If the picture is difficult to watch due to ambient lighting or the sound difficult to hear, adjust the fiiI.& f‘ picture and volume. Set the Operate switch to CAMERA or VCR. 2 Press the PICTURE/VOLUME button to display the desired function to be adjusted.
  • Page 22: Attaching The Shoulder Strap

    ATTACHING THE SHOULDER Ring on the side of the STRAP Hold the end cf the strap and thread it through the ring on the left side of tMe LCD monitor. Thread the end of the strap through the long slider and move the long slider in the direction of the arrow to secure.
  • Page 23: Basic Operations Camera Recording

    Unlike conventional camcorders, this model frees you from having to peer into a small viewfinder. You can watch the subject on the large LCD monitor for easier, more enjoyable video-shooting. EASY CAMERA REkORDING WITH FULL AUTO Before you start recording, perform the operations described on pages through 21 to prepare your VIEWCAM.
  • Page 24: Zooming

    ZOOMING Zooming allows you to move visually closer to or farther from a subject without physically changing your position. To Zoom In Press the Power Zoom “T” (telephoto) button to get a close-up vtew. Power‘Zoom buttons Zoom Out Press the Power Zoom “W” (wide angle) button to get a wide field of view.
  • Page 25: Digital 2X Quick Zoom (Extend Zoom)

    DIGITAL 2x QUICK ZOOM MENU button (EXTEND ZOOM) If you set the Digital 2x Quick Zoom function (EXTEND), you can instantly zoom in the subject by pressing the SNAP/EXTEND button. This is useful when you want to emphasize a subject quickly. Setting the DIGITAL 2x Quick Zoom (Extend Zoom) Set the Operate switch to CAMERA.
  • Page 26: Auto/Manual Focus

    If no subject is displayed on the monitor, the VIEWCAM will automatically zoom out until some subject comes Into the frame If the image being recorded not sharp, the auto focus may not function and the image is left blurry. If this Subject being shot through a...
  • Page 27: Quick Return

    QUICK RETURN When you have been playing back what you have recorded, and wish to quickly return to the end of the last recorded scene, use the quick-return function. Set the Operate switch to CAMERA. 2 Press the RETURN/SEARCH button. The tape begins winding or rewinding to the end of the last recorded scene.
  • Page 28: Tips On Recording Posltlons

    Basic Posture TlPS ON RECORDING POSl’TlONS Look at the monitor with enjoy easy video The rotating LCD monitor lets you both eyes. recording with a relaxed posture. You can record using more natural body postures since you can see’the subject on- the VIEWCAM screen, without having to hold Press your...
  • Page 29: Recording The Date And Tlme

    RECORDING THE DATE AND TIME Follow the procedure shown below to record the date and time, or the date only,ialong with the subject. Set the Operate switch to CAMERA. Press the MENU button to display MENU 1. If MENU 2 is displayed, press the PAGE button MENU (0) to get MENU 1 on the monitor.
  • Page 30: Remaining Tape And Battery

    REMAINING TAPE AND BATTERY The VIEWCAM displays the remaining battery power and recording time. Remaining Recording lime Display In the Camera mode, about 10 minutes before the tape reaches its end, the tape remaining bar indicator appears on the monitor and shows how MODE DISPLAY button much time is left.
  • Page 31: Turning Off The Lcd Monitor Backlight

    TURNING OFF THE LCD MONITOR BACKLIGHT VIEWCAM’s LCD monitor uses a fluorescent lamp for backlighting (see page 51). You can turn off the lamp when backlighting is not necessary; e.g. when you are watching a playback picture on a connected TV screen. Turning off the lamp will reduce power consumption.
  • Page 32: Playback

    PLAYBACK The LCD monitor makes it possible to playback and have just recorded. Nothmg needs to see what you be connected, allowing instant on-screen playback. You can hear the sound througHthe built-in speaker or via your own earphone. You can also watch prerecorded 8 mm video tapes on this VIEWCAM (“On-the-Go Playback”).
  • Page 33: Program Search

    PROGRAM SEARCH RETURN/SEARCH button Program Search mode automatically returns the tape to the beginning of a number of previously recorded scenes A total of 10 different scenes can be found on one tape Set the Operate switch to VCR 2 Press the RETURN/SEARCH button. The “REW”...
  • Page 34: Video Search

    VIDEO SEARCH Search for and Play Back a Scene Near the Current One During playback, press the porward Search (0) (or Reverse Search (a)) button. The fast forward (or reverse) playback picture is displayed on the monitor. 2 When you find the desired scene, press the PLAY button to return to normal playback.
  • Page 35: Tape Counter Feature

    TAPE COUNTER FEATURE COUNTER button Counter Display The counter display shows elapfed recording time in hours, minutes and seconds. (It continues to count even when it is not displayed.) It is available in both Camera and VCR modes. Using the Counter Press the COUNTER button to toggle the tape counter display on or off on the monitor.
  • Page 36 USING THE COUNTER COUN_TER button MEMORY Use the counter memory when you want to return to the beginning of a particular scene. The position where the counter memory was reset (0:OO 00) is stored in memory to make it easier to return the tape to that point.
  • Page 37: Using The Infrared Remote Control

    USING THE INFRARED REMOTE CONTROL Use the remote control to operate the VIEWCAM en you want to from a distance, for example w record yourself in a scene, or w en the ‘k VIEWCAM is connected to a TV for use as a VCR. Set the Operate switch to CAMERA or VCR.
  • Page 38: Useful Features For Camera Recording

    SELF RECORDING The Self Recording function lets you monitor the recording while you are part of the scene. Set the “SELF REC” menu item to “AUTO CORRECT” to turn the on-screen picture right way up. Then rotate the monitor 180” to face the same direction as the camera lens.
  • Page 39: Using The Digital Image Stabilization (Dis) Feature

    USING THE DIGITAL IMAGE STABILIZATION (DIS) FEATURE The DIS button lets you stabilize the image by electronically cancelling relatively small VIEWCAM DIS button shakes that are often annoying in closeup shots. Press the DIS button. The “&” (DIS) indicator appears at the right of the monitor. To return to normal recording mode, press the DIS button again.
  • Page 40: Still And Strobe Recording

    STILL/STROBE RECORDING You can record still or strobe (still pictures that capture continuous motion at l/6 sec. intervals) images of subjects with normal sound. You will find it useful when you Aant to record a shot of a tourist information board during sightseeing (Still recording), or produce a special effect while recording moving subjects such as your friends waving at you (Strobe recording).
  • Page 41: Backlight Compensation (Blc)

    BACKLIGHT COMPENSATION W-C) When the subject is backlit, the image will be darkened if it is recorded normally. The backlight compensation (BLC) feature cab improve the picture. Press the BLC/GAlN-UP button. The “m” indicator appears on the monitor. To turn off the BLC function and return to the normal exposure, press the BLC/GAIN-UP button again.
  • Page 42: White Balance Lock

    WHITE BALANCE LOCK White balance ensures that colours are correctly reproduced. In the Full Auto mode, white balance is constantly adjusted automatically. To Set the White Balance Lock Mode Colours may shift when the VIEWCAM is filled with a scene that has just one colour, e.g., if you take a close-up of a solid orange sheet of paper.
  • Page 43: High-Speed Shutter

    HIGH-SPEED SHUTTER FULL AUTO button When you want to shoot fast-moving subjects such as golfers swinging their clubs or tennis players swinging their rackets, use a high shutter speed. Playback the recorded scene in $till Picture mode on the VIEWCAM, or playback a dubbed tape on a VCR with still picture playback capability - you will enjoy clear, blur-free, frame-by-frame still pictures.
  • Page 44: Macro Shots

    MACRO SHOTS VIEWCAM lets you shoot closeup images of This small objects such as flowers and insects, or make title frames for your videos. When you want to record a ma&rified image of a subject which is within approximately 1.5 m of the VIEWCAM, do not zoom in on the subject.
  • Page 45: Wide Screen

    WIDE SCREEN 2 M E N U b u t t o n The top and the bottom of the picture are masked with black bands to produce an effective screen aspect ratio of 16:9, which has the wide-screen feel of a movie shown in a theatre.
  • Page 46: Lighting

    For clear, good-quality recording, 500 to 100,000 lux is needed. Recording is also possible with less light, but the picture quality may suffer. Adequate lighting is also essential for correct white balance. Blue Reference 100 000 Clear day at noon (100,000) ___--_--_-__-_--_--_-__-__-_-- _---_‘-__-- Lighting is not only one of the most important areas...
  • Page 47: Connections For Playback On'a Ii

    on the VIEWCAM’s Although you can enjoy playback can also watch played-back tapes LCD monitor, you on your TV screen. Caution: Make sure that the VIEWCAM, TV argd other equrpment to be connected have been turned off before you make connections.
  • Page 48: Using The Av Pack (Optional Accessory)

    USING THE AV PACK (OPTIONAL ACCESSORY) VIDEO jack To connect the VIEWCAM to a TV which does not have audio/video jacks, you must use the AV pack RF DC OUT jack as well as the RF converter a& 75ohm coaxtal cable, available as optional accessories The AV AUDIO L (MONO) pack can also be used to connect the VIEWCAM to...
  • Page 49: Connection To Tv Without

    CONNECTION TO TV WITHOUT AUDIONIDEO JACKS the RF converter and 75-ohm coaxial cable available as optional accessoriesl the output from your camcorder on the To view TV, you must select an unused channel on your TV and tune it to the output of the RF converter (factory preset to channel 0).
  • Page 50: Editing

    EDITING Set the Operate switch to VCR Video editing lets you refine your videos by removing unwanted sequences from your tape, or transposing one sequence with another. This VIEWCAM lets you monitor the source programme on the built-in LCD monitor without having to connect it to an external TV or video monitor.
  • Page 51: Recording From An External Source

    RECORDING FROM the OPERATE switch to VCR EXTERNAL SOURCE You can record or edit on this VIEWCAM from other Yellow: To VIDEO terminal sources such as a VCR, TV, or vi@eo disc player. Red: To AUDIO (R) terminal White: To AUDIO (L) termi Connect the VIEWCAM to the source equipment with the supplied audio/video cable as shown to the left.
  • Page 52: Fluorescent Lamp Backlight

    When this occurs, purchase a replacement lamp Fluorescent lamp (KLMPV0012TAZZ) from your dealer or a SHARP Full compartment cover Line Parts Distributor, and replace the old lamp. REPLACING THE FLUORESCENT...
  • Page 53: Replaclng The Fluorescent Lamp Backlight 51 Before Requesting Service

    service, please Before calling for check the following troubleshooting table. Power into the wall outlet again. (p. 11) Charge the battery pack syfficiently. (p. 11) The battery pack is not charged. Connect the power source’correctly. The power source is not correctly connected.
  • Page 54: Specifications

    PAL type colour signals Signal system: Recording system: 8 mm format, 2 rotary heads, helical scanning FM system Ghssette: 8 mm video tape, MP type, or Hi8 MP, ME type Tape spbed (SP): Approx 20.051 mm/second Recording time max. (SP): 90 minutes (P5-90) VIDEO: output:...
  • Page 55 SHARP CORPORATION Osaka, Japan Printed in Japan TINSE0176MZi’ -fWO4-A...