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Saw Blades - Craftsman 320.10871 Operator's Manual

13 amp 7 14-in circular saw with laser trac
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No Load Speed
Blade Diameter
Cutting Depth at 90 °
Cutting Depth at 45 °
Maximum Bevel Angle
13 Amps
120V, 60HZ AC
5000 RPM
71/,_-in. (184mm)
23/a-in. (60.33mm)
113/1G-in. (46.03mm)
52 °
All saw blades need to be kept clean,
sharp and properly set in order to cut
efficiently Using a dull blade places a
heavy load on the saw and increases
the danger of kickback Keep extra
blades on hand, so sharp blades are
always available Gum and wood pitch
hardened on the blade slows the saw
down Use gum and pitch remover,
hot water or kerosene to remove them,
DO NOT use gasoline
Fig. 4
r Blade
The lower blade guard, attached to
your circular saw, is there for your
and safety, It should
NEVER be altered for any reason,
If it becomes damaged or begins
to return slowly or sluggishly,
DO NOT operate your saw until the damage has been repaired or replaced.
ALWAYS leave the guard in its correct operating
position when using the saw.
NEVER use the saw when the guard is not operating
properly. The
guard should be checked for correct operation
before each use, If you drop your saw,
check the lower blade guard and bumper for damage at all depth settings before using,
NOTE: The guard is operating
properly when it moves freely and then readily returns to
the closed position. If for any reason your lower blade guard and bumper does not close
freely, take the saw to your nearest Sears Repair Center for service before using it.

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