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Craftsman 320.10871 Operator's Manual page 12

13 amp 7 14-in circular saw with laser trac
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Ripping or Rip Cut
A cutting operation along the length of the workpiece
Freehand Cut
Performing a cut without using a fence, miter gauge, fixture, work clamp, or other
proper device to keep the workpiece flora twisting or moving during the cut.
Any cutting operation where the blade extends completely through the thickness of
the workpiece
Any cutting operation where the blade does not extend completely through the
thickness of the workpiece, like a dado cut
Leading End
Tile end of the workpiece pushed into toot first
The material removed by the blade in a through cut or the slot produced by the blade
in a non-through or partial cut
A hazard that can occur when tile blade binds or stalls, throwing the workpiece back
toward operator
or Material
The item on which the cutting operation is being done The surfaces of a workpiece
are commonly [eferred to as faces, ends and edges
A sticky, sap-based residue from wood products,
A sticky, sap-based substance that has hardened
Your saw should
NEVER be connected to the power source
when you are assembling
parts, making adjustments,
or removing
blades, cleaning or when it is not in use. Disconnecting
the saw will prevent
which could cause serious personal injury.
1 Included with your circular saw is the cutting
blade (unassembled) packed separately
Also a blade wrench stored in the base, for use installing or changing the blade, an
edge guide and a pair of Laser enhancing
safety glasses used to enhance the laser
beam in bright light conditions
2 Inspect tile saw carefully to make sure that no breakage or damage has occurred during
shipping, If any of the items mentioned are missing (refer to PARTS LIST illustration see
Fig1 page 13), return tile saw to your nearest Sears store or Craftsman outlet to have
the saw replaced
If any parts are broken or missing,
DO NOT attempt to plug
in the power cord or operate saw until the broken or missing
parts are replaced.
Failure to do so could result in possible serious

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