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Craftsman 320.10871 Operator's Manual page 22

13 amp 7 14-in circular saw with laser trac
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A CUT (Fig. 10)
ALWAYS clamp and support workpiece
securely. ALWAYS
maintain proper control of saw, Failure to clamp and support workpiece
and loss of
control of saw could result in serious injury,
1. ALWAYS use your saw with your hands positioned correctly, with one hand operating
the trigger switch and the other on the front assist handle (see Fig. 10).,
ALWAYS maintain proper control of the saw to make sewing safer
and easier. Loss of control
of the saw could cause an accident
in possible
serious injury.
2. NEVER use the saw with your
hands positioned as shown in Fig, 11
To Help Maintain
3. ALWAYS support the workpiece
near the cuL
4. ALWAYS support the workpiece
so the cut will be on your right.
5. ALWAYS clamp the workpiece
so it will not move during the cut,,
Place the workpiece with the
good side down,
I NOTE: The good side of the workpiece
is the side where appearance
is important.
6. Before starting a cut, draw a guideline along
the desired line of cut, then place the front
edge of the saw base on that part of the
workpiece that is solidly suppoded (see Fig 10)
7. NEVER place the saw on the part of the
workpiece that will fall off when the cut
is made (see Fig. 11).
8. ALWAYS keep the cord away from the
cutting area. ALWAYS
place the cord so it
does not hang up on the workpiece when
making a cut.
g Hold the saw firmly with both hands (see Fig 10)_
Fig. 11
If the cord hangs up on the workpiece
during a cut, release the
trigger switch immediately.
To avoid injury, unplug the saw and move the cord to
prevent it from hanging up again.
Using the saw with a damaged cord could result in serious injury
or death. If the cord has been damaged, have it replaced before using the saw again,,

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