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Craftsman 320.17196 Operator's Manual

Reciprocating saw
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Model No. 320. 17196
0 us
CAUTIONZ Read, understand
follow all Safety Rules and Operating
in this Manual before
using this product.
• Warranty
• Safety
• Unpacking
• Description
• Assembly
• Maintenance
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179



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  Summary of Contents for Craftsman 320.17196

  • Page 1 0 us • Warranty CAUTIONZ Read, understand • Safety follow all Safety Rules and Operating • Unpacking Instructions in this Manual before • Description using this product. • Assembly • Maintenance Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
  • Page 2: Damage Prevention And Information Messages

    ONE YEAR FULL WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN ® TOOL injury to yourself or to others. Always follow the safety precautions to reduce the If this Craftsman tool fails to give complete satisfaction within one risk of fire, electric shock, and personal injury.
  • Page 3: Personal Safety

    Remove adjusting keys or wrenches before turning the tool on. A wrench or a key that is left attached to a rotating part of the tool may result in personal injury. WARNING: Be sure to read and understand all instructions in this manual before using the reciprocating saw.
  • Page 4: Electrical Safety

    Recommended sizes of extension cords _I, WARNING: The operation of any tool can result in foreign objects being propelled into your eyes, resulting in severe eye damage. When operating power Volts Total Length of Cord in feet tool, always wear safety goggles or safety glasses with side shields and a full Ampere Rating face shield when needed.
  • Page 5 "PARTS LIST" illustration), return the reciprocating saw to your nearest Sears store or Craftsman outlet to have the reciprocating saw replaced. Keep the handle dry, clean, and free from oil and grease. Always use a clean cloth when cleaning.
  • Page 6 CARTON CONTENTS/LOOSE PARTS (Fig. 1) PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Motor 120V ~ 60 Hz,10A Reciprocating No load Speed: 800-2700/Min Blade stroke 1-1/8" (29mm) Weight 7.71bs (3.5 kg) ,_, WARNING: The safe use of this product requires an understanding of the Wood-cutting blade information on the tool and in this operator's manual, as well as knowledge...
  • Page 7 blade (Fig.4). Position "1" selects the slowest blade speed; position "6" selects the fastest A_, WARNING: Your saw should never be connected to the power source when blade speed. Adjust the blade speed for optimum performance. you are assembling parts, making adjustments, installing or removing blades,...
  • Page 8: General Cutting

    PIVOT SHOE orbital action increases the efficiency of cutting. Experiment on a piece of scrap I Fig. 7 material to determine the optimum orbital- action setting. Sliding the Shoe In or Out (Fig. 7) Orbital action increases the speed of cut, but may result in a rougher finish to the cut in some materials.
  • Page 9: Metal Cutting

    PLUNGE CUTTING (Fig.11) as shown in Column B, resting the edge of the shoe on the workpiece shown. Your Craftsman reciprocating saw is ideal for plunge cutting directly into With the tip of the blade just above the workpiece, pull the trigger and allow the tool to come to the desired speed.
  • Page 10 To cut thin sheet material, "sandwich" the material between pieces of WARNING: Do not at any time let brake fluids, gasoline, petroleum- hardboard or plywood, and clamp the layers together in order to reduce based products, penetrating oils, etc. to come in contact with plastic parts.
  • Page 11 Reciprocating Saw MODEL NUMBER 320.17196 Always mention the Model Number when ordering parts for this tool 3320686000 Right Handle 3320685000 Left Handle 3124207000 Right Cover 3124206000 Left Cover 4900272000 Speed Adjustor 4930004000 Connecter 4870378000 Switch 4540017000 Power Supply Indicator 4890462000 PCB Assembly 3120234000 Cord Anchorage...
  • Page 12 2750841000 Rotor 5670186000 3704086000 Bearing Clamping Plate 3520336000 Oil Impreging Bearing 3700335000 Washer 3700197000 Washer 3550169000 Crank Roller 3121057000 Rubber Ring 5700015000 Ball Bearing 5620399000 Hexagon Socket Screw 5660013000 Circlips For Shaft 3660375000 Spring 3124208000 Support 3420830000 Bevel Support 3420653000 Gear Case 3520255000 Guiding...
  • Page 13 [_:e) i = 4810002000 Power Cord & Plug 5680031000 Hexagon Wrench 4930008000 Sleeve 4930038000 Receptacle 4860006000 Inner Wire 4930094000 Sleeve 4930030000 Receptacle 4930061000 Shark Teeth Terminal 5700025000 Needle Bearing 5670194000 3123891000 LED Holder 4890433000 PCB Assembly 3123890000 LED Cover 5620033000 Screw 17196 Manual_Revised_09...
  • Page 14 Your Home For expert troubleshooting and home solutions advice: manage home For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it ! For the replacement parts, accessories and owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself For Sears professional installation of home appliances...