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Craftsman 320.10871 Operator's Manual page 11

13 amp 7 14-in circular saw with laser trac
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4 PROTECT your hearing. Wear appropriate personal hearing protection during use
Under some conditions and duration of use, noise from this product may contribute
to hearing loss
5 ALL VlSTORS AND BYSTANDERS MUST wear the same safety equipment that the
operator of the saw wears,
6 INSPECT the tool cords periodically
and if damaged have them repaired at your
nearest Sears Service Center or other Authorized
Service Facility. BE AWARE
of the cord location,
7, ALWAYS check the tool for damaged parts. Before further use of the tool, a guard or
other part that is damaged should be carefully checked to determine if it will operate
properly and perform its intended function Check for misalignment or binding of moving
parts, breakage of parts, and any other condition that may affect the tool's operation
A guard or other part that is damaged should be properly repaired or replaced at a Sears
Service center
8 INSPECT and remove all nails from lumber before sawing,
9, SAVETHESE INSTRUCTIONS, Refer to them frequently
and use them to instruct
others who may use this tool, If someone borrows this tool, make sure they have
these instructions
The shaft on which a blade or cutting tool is mounted Also called the Arbor
Per Minute (RPM)
The number of turns completed by a spinning object in one minute
Saw Blade Path
The area over, under, behind or in front of the blade, as it applies to the workpiece.
That area which will be or has been cut by the blade,
The distance that the saw blade tooth is bent (or set) outward from the face of the blade
Miter Cut
A cutting operation made with the blade at any angle other than 900 to the fence
Compound Miter Cut
A compound miter cut is a cut made using a miter angle and a bevel angle at the same time,
Cross cut
A cutting or shaping operation made against the grain of the workpiece
Bevel Cut
A cutting operation made with the blade at any angle other than 90° to the miter table,
Dado Cut
A non-through cut which produces a square-sided notch or trough in the workpiece
(requires special blade).
Chamfer Cut
A cut removing a wedge from a biock of wood so the end (or part of the end) is angled
at other than 90°

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