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Toshiba SD-R5002 User Manual page 7

Dvd rewriteable drive
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Power Cable - Connect an internal computer power
supply cable to the power socket at the back of the DVD
Rewriteable drive. One side of the plug has chamfered
edges, so the power connector fits only one way. Push
plug completely into the socket making sure the plug fits
Figure 4.Installing Power Cable
Audio Cable (optional) - If you have a sound card and
speakers, and would like to play audio CDs on your
computer, you will need to install a CD/DVD audio cable.
Toshiba's DVD Rewriteable drives use a standard 4-pin
audio cable that can be purchased from most local
computer suppliers. The sound cable connects to your
sound card at one end and the other end connects to
the digital audio connector at the left rear of the DVD
Rewriteable drive (see DVD Rewriteable drive Back
Panel photo for location). Refer to the instructions that
came with your sound card for details on any sound-
driver software required
Figure 5.Installing Audio Cable
Completing Installation
After you have connected all the necessary cables,
push the DVD Rewriteable drive completely into the
computers drive slot. Mount drive per your computers
instructions. The screw length should not exceed
30.5mm (measured from outside surface of side or
bottom of drive to tip of screw). Replace computer
cover and all outer screws.
Figure 6.Mounting Illustration



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