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Toshiba SD-R5112 User Manual

Dvd rewriteable drive
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Introduction................1 Setup ..................3 Using the DVD Rewriteable Drive ...........7 Troubleshooting..............10 Specifications ................11 Drive Connectors..............14...
  • Page 3: Introduction

    INTRODUCTION – SD-R5112 General Features Reads and records digital data on DVD-R/-RW and CD-R/-RW discs CD-R/-RW disc write/rewrite at 16X/10X DVD-R/-RW disc write/rewrite at 4X/2X 3-way Disc Eject (eject button, software, emergency eject hole) Average Random Access Time 110ms DVD-RAM 200ms DVD-ROM 130ms...
  • Page 4 Front Panel Figure 1.SD-R5112 DVD Writeable Drive Front Panel Loading Load disc using tray. Tray The LED lights green or amber when the drive is operating (LED is amber when drive is Busy Light writing.) Eject The Eject button is used to open the disc tray so you can install or remove a disc. Button Emergency The emergency eject hole is to be used only when the Loading Tray will not open when...
  • Page 5: Setup

    SETUP – SD-R5112 The following steps must be performed to properly install your drive: • Set Drive Jumper Settings • Connect Audio Cable • Attach IDE BUS Cable • Attach Power Cable • Mount Drive Jumper Settings The mode select jumpers are 6 straight angle pins located on the rear of the DVD Rewriteable drive. By placing a jumper on the pins, you can select the following functions: Drive is configured using host interface signal CSEL Configures drive as Slave...
  • Page 6 If the DVD Rewriteable drive is replacing a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, remove drive presently installed in your system. Your Toshiba DVD Rewriteable drive can be placed in any free half-height drive slot at the front of your computer. (It can be mounted horizontally or vertically.) Carefully start sliding the DVD Rewriteable drive into the opening with the disc tray facing the front of the computer.
  • Page 7 CDs on your computer, you will need to install a CD/DVD audio cable. Toshiba's DVD Rewriteable drives use a standard 4-pin audio cable that can be purchased from most local computer suppliers. The sound cable connects to your...
  • Page 8 Software Driver - Toshiba's optical drives do not require any unique device drivers for Windows '95/'98/2000/Me/XP/NT. After installing your drive and re-booting, your system should recognize your drive. Windows '95/'98/2000/Me/XP/NT Operating Systems support all Toshiba optical drives natively If you prefer using DOS, download the DOS ATAPI driver from our web site.
  • Page 9: Using The Dvd Rewriteable Drive

    USING THE DVD Rewriteable Drive – SD-R5112 Drive Operation Inserting a Disc - Horizontally To insert a disc into a drive that is mounted horizontally, perform the following steps: Figure 1.Inserting Disc 1. Open the drive's Loading tray by pressing the Eject Button. 2.
  • Page 10 A software package that leads you comfortably through the whole process of making Video CDs, Super VideoCDs or high-value DVDs Media Recommendations Toshiba recommends that major brand media be used for recording. Below are recommended blank media speeds. CD-R: all speeds...
  • Page 11 Usage Guidelines • Keep the disc tray closed when not using the DVD Rewriteable Drive. • Do not press down on the disc tray when opening or closing it. • Do not place objects on the disc tray. • Never use a damaged, broken, or deformed disc. •...
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING – SD-R5112 Solution Problem • Disc tray cannot be opened Check that there is power to drive. • Use Emergency Eject instructions to open tray. • Drive is not recognized by system Is the drive connected properly? Are all cables plugged in properly (e.g. Power Cable, Interface Cable and Audio Cables).
  • Page 13: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS –SD-R5112 General Interface: ATAPI Applicable Formats - Write: Write Formats Disc at once, Track at once, session at once, Packet Write, incremental write, CD-R/RW restricted overwrite DVD-R/RW Write Disc - CD-DA, CD+(E)G, CD-MIDI, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-I, MIXED MODE CD, CD-R/-RW CD-I Bridge (Photo-CD, Video-CD), Multi-session CD (Photo-CD, CD-Extra, DVD-R/-RW...
  • Page 14 Performance Rotational Speed DVD-ROM (single layer) 7,580rpm (5.0 - 12X CAV) DVD-ROM (dual layer) 5,053rpm (3.3 - 8X CAV) DVD-R (Ver. 1.0) 3,200rpm (2 - 4.8X CAV) DVD-R (Ver. 2.0) 2,780rpm (2 - 4.8X CAV) DVD-RW (Ver 1.1) 2,780rpm (2 - 4.8X CAV) DVD-video (CSS-Disc) 2,780rpm (2 - 4.8X CAV) DVD-R (Ver 2.0) (Write)
  • Page 15 Reliability MTBF 100,000 hours Power ON Hours 5,436 hours/year ON/OFF Cycles 313 cycles/year Number of Access 600,000 accesses/year Operating Duty Cycle 20% of Power ON time (Reading/Seeking) 2% of Power ON time (Writing/Seeking) MTTR 0.5 hours Environmental Ambient Temperature Operating 5°...
  • Page 16 Connectors DC input 4-pin Power Supply Connector ATAPI Interface Connector 40 Pin I/F ATAPI Standard Audio Connectors 4-pin and 2-pin connector (use matching housing, Part No. 70066, made by Molex Corp, or equivalent) Regulatory The SD-R5112 DVD Writeable drive has been certified by the following regulatory agencies: •...
  • Page 17: Drive Connectors

    DRIVE CONNECTORS –SD-R5112 Figure 1.SD-R5112 DVD Rewriteable Drive Rear Panel - Connectors Power Power is supplied to your DVD drive by the connection with your computer's +5V/+12V power cable to the power socket at the back of drive. One side of the plug has Connector chamfered edges, so the power connector fits only one way.
  • Page 18 Table 1.Interface Pin Assignments INTERFACE PIN ASSIGNMENT SIGNAL HOST SIGNAL NAME SIGNAL HOST SIGNAL NAME NAME NAME Reset Host Reset HDRQ DMA Request Host Data Bus BIT 7 HWR-,STOP Host I/O Write Host Data Bus BIT 8 Host Data Bus BIT 6 HRD-, Host I/O Read HDMARDY, -...