Epson Computer Hardware User Manual

Epson computer hardware user manual
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hard disk
accesslight drive
bay for hard disk, diskette drive,
CD-ROM drive, tape drive, or other
Computer Specifications
CPU and Memory
32-bit CPU
Intel 486SX, DX, or DX2 processor
upgradable to faster, more powerful
processors, including SX2, DX4, or
Pentium OverDrive processors; DX4
processors require an adapter board to
regulate voltage
Energy Star
Low power consumption, Energy Star
compliant in base configurations
(consumes less than 30 Watts)
System speed
Fast and slow processor speeds available;
fast speed is the speed of your processor
and slow speed is 8 MHz; 0 wait state
memory access at fast speed
Press Ctrl, Alt, and - to select slow speed or
Ctrl, Alt, and + to select fast speed (use the
- or + on the numeric keypad); default
system speed selectable through SETUP
option card slots
ISA bus speed for all processors is
8.3 MHz; local bus video speed reflects the
speed of the processor; at fast speed,
DX2/50 and DX2/66 processors run
internally at 50 and 66 MHz, but run
externally at 25 and 33 MHz; local bus
speeds for DX/2 processors are 25 and
33 MHz respectively
4MB RAM standard on system board;
expandable to 36MB using 1MB, 4MB, and
16MB SIMMs; SIMMs must be 72-pin,
32-bit or 36-bit, fast-page mode type with
an access speed of 70ns
128KB system and video BIOS and SETUP
code located in EPROM on main system
Video RAM
512KB or 1MB DRAM standard on main
system board; 512KB expandable to 1MB
using a 256 x 16-bit, 40-pin SOJ DRAM
Supports shadowing of system and video
Shadow RAM
8KB of internal cache on processor;
supports 32KB, 64KB, 128KB, or 256KB of
external cache using 28-pin, 8 x 8, 20ns
DIP chips or 28-pin, 32 x 8, 20ns DIP chips
and 28-pin, 32
For SX-based systems, can install an
80487SX processor with math coprocessor
support; math coprocessor built into
DX-based and Pentium OverDrive
Real-time clock, calendar, and CMOS
RAM socketed on main system board with
external 3.6V battery backup
Cirrus Logic CD5428 high speed super
VGA local bus on-board controller with
True Color support
Controller on main system board supports
up to two diskette drives or one diskette
drive and one tape drive
Hard disk
Interface on main system board supports
up to two IDE hard disk drives with
built-in controller
Local bus SVGA interface for fixed or
multi-frequency monitor built into system
board; 15-pin, D-shell connector
EPSON Endeavor L
8, 15ns tag chips
EPSON Endeavor L - 1



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  Summary of Contents for Epson Computer

  • Page 1 Interface on main system board supports up to two IDE hard disk drives with built-in controller Local bus SVGA interface for fixed or multi-frequency monitor built into system board; 15-pin, D-shell connector EPSON Endeavor L - 1...
  • Page 2 Delete key at the SETUP prompt during P r o g r a m boot EPSON Endeavor L - 2 System security Password (up to 8 characters) defined in Virus protection Write protection feature for boot sector of Physical Characteristics...
  • Page 3: Major Subassemblies

    CPU clock speed 25 MHz 33 MHz 3/94 EPSON Endeavor L - CN3 Switch CPU Installed in PGA socket CPU not installed in PGA socket Password enable Password disable Color monitor Monochrome monitor Switch 1 EPSON Endeavor L - 3 Switch 2...
  • Page 5: Video Memory

    Video resolutions and colors ** Interlaced External Cache EPSON Authorized Servicers can install 32KB, 64KB, 128KB, or 256KB of external cache on this system. 0 To install 32KB or 64KB of external cache, use SRAM, P To install 128KB or 256KB of external cache, use SRAM,...
  • Page 6: Microprocessor Upgrades

    Microprocessor Upgrades The computer’s processor can be upgraded by replacing the existing microprocessor with a faster one. You can either purchase an upgrade kit from EPSON or buy the individual components separately, as listed in the following table. Microprocessor upgrade components SX2, DX/33, DX/50, DX2/50, DX2/66, DX4, and Pentium OverDrive processor upgrades require a heat sink.
  • Page 7: Hardware Interrupts

    Is a master If pin 28 is grounded, or a slave if pin 28 Is not grounded. Diskette and magneto optical drive options DMA Assignments Hardware Interrupts System Memory Map 3/94 EPSON Endeavor L EPSON Endeavor L - 7...
  • Page 8: Connector Pin Assignments

    EPSON Endeavor L System l/O Address Map EPSON Endeavor L - 8 Connector Pin Assignments Parallel port connector pin assignments (CN8) Serial port connector pin assignments (CN9, CN10) Signal Data canter detect Receive data Transmit data Data terminal ready 15 1 Ground...
  • Page 9 Battery connector pin assignments (CN3) Signal RED wire (3.6v) BLACK (Ground) Option card riser board connector pin 1; *Active low logic Option slot connector pin assignments *Active low logic 3/94 EPSON Endeavor L assignments (CN2) EPSON Endeavor L - 9...
  • Page 10 Information Reference List Engineering Change Notices None. Technical Information Bulletins None. Product Support Bulletins None. Related Documentation TM-ENDVRL PL-ENDVRL 400305600 Ctrl 3/94 then C:. EPSON Endeavor L Service Manual EPSON Endeavor L Parts Price List EPSON Endeavor L User’s Guide...