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Epson Computer Hardware User Manual page 10

Epson computer hardware user manual
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EPSON Endeavor L
Active low logic
Installation/Support Tips
Installing Diskette Drives
Make sure that the drive type has been correctly selected in
the SETUP program.
Installing Hard Disk Drives
When installing a hard disk drive, see the hard disk drive
type tables on page 6 to select the correct type number for
the drive. If the parameters for your drive are not listed,
you can define your own drive type by selecting drive
type 47 and entering the drive's exact parameters for this
user-defined drive type.
It is recommended that a 16-bit, AT-type hard disk
controller be used if you are installing a drive that cannot
use the embedded IDE interface. If you install a non-IDE
hard disk drive and controller card, you need to use the
SETUP program to disable the built-in IDE hard disk drive
Software Problems
try the installation at high speed. If this does not work
properly, select low speed by pressing the
keys and the - key on the numeric keypad
simultaneously. Try loading the program at low speed
and then switching to high speed, if possible.
copy-protection method, try loading it at high speed. If
this does not work, load it at low speed.
EPSON Endeavor L - 10
Booting Sequence
If you cannot boot the computer from the hard disk, make
sure the booting sequence in SETUP is set to
Then boot the computer from a system diskette in drive A.
Make sure that you do not forget the password you set up. If
you do:
You can also enter a hot key designation in SETUP to secure
the system from unauthorized users. Once a password and
hot key have been set, when the hot key is pressed, the
keyboard and mouse lock until the the user enters the
Information Reference List
Engineering Change Notices
Technical Information Bulletins
Product Support Bulletins
Related Documentation
Disable the password by setting DIP switch 4 on the main
system board to OFF.
Then turn the computer on and off again.
Set DIP switch 4 to ON to enable the password function.
Run SETUP to enter a new password, if desired.
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