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Microprocessor Upgrades; Hard Disk Drive Types - Epson Computer Hardware User Manual

Epson computer hardware user manual
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EPSON Endeavor L

Microprocessor Upgrades

The computer's processor can be upgraded by replacing the
existing microprocessor with a faster one. You can either
purchase an upgrade kit from EPSON or buy the individual
components separately, as listed in the following table.
Microprocessor upgrade components
SX2, DX/33, DX/50, DX2/50, DX2/66, DX4, and Pentium
OverDrive processor upgrades require a heat sink.
You may also need to change the settings of jumper J4 or DIP
switches 1 and 2. See page 3.

Hard Disk Drive Types

The table below lists types of hard disk drives supported by
the computer. Check this table and the hard disk drive
manual to find the correct type number(s) for the hard disk
drive(s) installed in the computer. Enter the type number(s)
when you set the hard disk drive configuration in the SETUP
Hard disk drive types
EPSON Endeavor L - 6
Actual formatted size may be slightly different than size on drive label
Drive Option Information
Hard disk drive options for 1-inch IDE drives
Select 1 or none for the precomp value. lf neither of these options are
available, select the maximum available precomp value.



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