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Pcl Emul Menu - Dell B3460DN Mono Laser User Manual

User guide.
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Table of Contents
Understanding the printer menus
Font Priority

PCL Emul menu

Font Source
Font Name
Courier 10
Symbol Set
10U PC‑8
12U PC‑850
PCL Emulation Settings
Point Size
Establish the font search order.
Resident is the factory default setting.
This menu item is available only when a formatted flash memory card is
installed and operating properly.
Make sure the flash memory card is not read/write‑, write‑, or
Job Buffer Size must not be set to 100%.
Specify the set of fonts used by the Font Name menu.
"Resident" is the factory default setting. "Resident" shows the factory
default set of fonts downloaded in the RAM.
"Download" shows all the fonts downloaded in the RAM.
"Flash" shows all fonts resident in that option. The optional flash memory
card must be properly formatted and cannot be read/write‑, write‑, or
"All" shows all fonts available to any option.
Identify a specific font and the option where it is stored.
Note: Courier 10 is the factory default setting. Courier 10 shows the font
name, font ID, and the storage location in the printer. The font source
abbreviation is R for Resident, F for Flash, and D for Download.
Specify the symbol set for each font name.
10U PC‑8 is the US factory default setting. 12U PC‑850 is the international
factory default setting.
A symbol set is a set of alphabetic and numeric characters, punctuation,
and special symbols. Symbol sets support the different languages or
specific program, such as math symbols for scientific text. Only the
supported symbol sets are shown.
Change the point size for scalable typographic fonts.
12 is the factory default setting.
Point size refers to the height of the characters in the font. One point
equals approximately 0.014 inch.
Point sizes can be increased or decreased in 0.25‑point increments.


Table of Contents

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  • Tommy E Abney Oct 18, 2018 04:20:
    Not commenting on the manual itself because the manual was great I cud follow it real good but the Dell company it’s self I think has become a piece of shit company I bought a dell B3460dn model and within 2 weeks replace cartridge and granted I don’t print that much and now after 2 and half weeks all it knows is paper jam and there is not a pc of paper one in this junky ass printer totally a real piece of shit I might as well got a boat anchor and tried using it as a ptintee