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Playing Mp3 Files; Viewing Jpg Files; Slideshow Options - Hitachi L42VT U Instructions For Use Manual

42" lcd colour television
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• You can play music, picture and video les
from a USB memory stick.
Note : If you plug USB stick while in analogue mode,
the TV will automatically switch to digital TV mode.
Note : Some USB compliant devices may not be
Note : If the USB stick is not recognized after power
off/on or First Time Installation, fi rst, plug the USB
device out and power off/on the TV set. Plug the USB
device in again.
Note: Movie Sense and Pixellence features cannot
be set while in Media Browser mode.

Playing MP3 Files

Play This (OK button) : Plays the selected le.
Play (Green button) : Plays all media les in the
folder starting with the selected one.
Pause (Yellow button) : Pause playing le.
Stop (Red button) : Stop the playing le.
Previous/Next (Left/Right buttons) : Jumps to
previous or next le to play.
Shuf e (INFO button) : Plays the les randomly.
If shuffle mode is enabled, previous/next
function will also jump to the tracks randomly.
Loop (Blue button) : Plays the selected le

Viewing JPG Files

Jump (Numeric buttons) : jump to selected le
using the numeric buttons.
OK : views the selected picture in full screen.
Play / Slideshow (Green button) : starts the
slideshow with all pictures in the folder.

Slideshow Options

Pause (Yellow button) : Pause the slideshow.
Continue (Green button) : Continue with the
Previous/Next (Left/Right buttons) : Jump to
previous or next le of slideshow.
Rotate (Up/Down buttons) : Rotate the picture
using up/down buttons.
RETURN (exit) : Back to le list.
Shuf e (Red button) : Shows the les randomly
and continuous in current folder and
turns the highlighted icon. If during a slideshow
the shuf e mode is enabled, the next pictures
will be choosen randomly (If the loop function is
not enabled, the slideshow will stop at the end. If
the loop function is enabled, after the slideshow
ends, it will start again and again).
Loop : Slideshow goes on continuously and
icon turns the highlighted icon.
Info : Activates the operations bar.
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