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Viewing The Connections- Back Connectors - Hitachi L42VT U Instructions For Use Manual

42" lcd colour television
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Viewing the Connections- Back Connectors

1. S/PDIF Digital Out outputs digital audio signals of the currently watched source.
Use a digital optic cable to transfer audio signals to a device that has S/PDIF input.
2. Subwoofer Out is for connecting an external, active subwoofer to the set to give a much
deeper bass effect.
Use an appropriate RCA cable to connect the set to a subwoofer unit.
Audio Line Outs
To connect the external speakers to your TV, use AUDIO LINE OUTS of the TV with an
audio cable.
4. SCART 2 inputs or outputs for external devices.
5. SCART 1 inputs or outputs for external devices.
Connect the SCART cable between SCART sockets on TV and SCART socket on your
external device (such as a decoder, a VCR or a DVD player).
Note: If an external device is connected via the SCART sockets, the TV will automatically switch to AV mode.
If both sockets are employed at the same time, SCART 1 will override SCART 2 unless manually selected.
Note: You should connect the decoder to EXT-1, if you are planning to watch a scrambled channel.
The decoder might not function properly if you do not connect the decoder to the Scart 1 (Ext-1) socket.
Note: Picture state can be affected by scart cable quality.
6. Component Video Inputs (YPbPr) are used for connecting component video.
You can connect the component video and audio sockets with a device that has component
output. Connect the component video cables between the COMPONENT VIDEO INPUTS
on on the TV and the component video outputs of your device. While connecting, be sure
output audio signals to an external device such as an optional sound
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