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General Operation; Information Banner; Electronic Programme Guide (Epg) - Hitachi L42VT U Instructions For Use Manual

42" lcd colour television
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For more information on this process, see
"Install Menu" section.
Note : For proper functioning of digital teletext in DTV
mode, you should set country as UK in analogue
AUTO PROGRAM (for UK only).

General Operation

Press the "SOURCE" button and select DTV/
USB from the list. The TV then switches to
digital TV mode.

Information Banner

• Whenever you change channel, using the
P- / P+ button or the numeric buttons, the TV
displays the broadcast picture along with an
information banner at the bottom of the screen
(available only in DTV mode). This will remain
on the screen for a few seconds.
• The information banner can also be displayed
at any time while watching TV by pressing the
INFO button on the remote control:
The information banner gives information on
the channel selected and the programmes on
it. The name of the channel is displayed, along
with its channel list number.
Hint: Not all channels broadcast the programme
data. If the name and time of the programme are not
available, then information banner will be displayed
with blanks.
• Icons are also displayed in the information
banner and if this channel is a favourite
channel, favourite channel icon will also be
If the selected channel is locked, you must
enter the correct four numeric code to view the
channel. " Enter PIN " will be displayed on the
screen in such a case:
Electronic Programme Guide
• Some, but not all, channels send information
about the current and next events.
• Please note that event information is updated
automatically. If there is no event information
data available in channels, EPG will be
displayed with blanks.
• Press EPG button to view the EPG menu.
• Electronic Programme Guide appears on the
screen. It is able to get Information of the
channel - programs weekly by means of 7-DAY-
EPG. All programs of channels are displayed.
The current program is highlighted and there
is brief information about the programs of
the channel, such as: name, short/extended
event description, start & end time. The time
scale can be changed by pressing left or right
buttons. If there is any event information data
available, only programme names and dates
are displayed. On the bottom of the screen;
info bar, showing all the available commands,
will be displayed.
RED button (Shrink) : makes the info boxes
GREEN button (Expand) : makes the info
boxes larger.
YELLOW button (Prev. Day) : displays the
programmes of previous day.
BLUE button (Next day) : displays the
programmes of the next day.
INFO (Details) : displays the programmes in
English - 21 -



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