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Hitachi L37X01AU User Manual

Hitachi user's manual lcd television l37x01au, l42x01au
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  • Page 2 USER MANUAL Thank you for purchasing the HITACHI LCD Television. Please read this user manual carefully before operating this product. To ensure proper operation, please read and follow ALL the instructions, especially the "IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS" and "SAFETY PRECAUTIONS". Please keep this user manual for future reference.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ... 01 INSTRUCTIONS... 02 About This Manual... 02 Trademark Credits ... 02 About Software ... 02 Features ... 02 SAFETY PR R ECAUTIONS ... 03 About the Symbols... 03 Cleaning and Maintenance ... 06 ABOUT LCD PANEL... 07 Other Common Characteristics of LCD Panel ...
  • Page 4: Instructions

    INSTRUCTIONS Thank you for purchasing the HITACHI LCD Television. We hope that you will enjoy the great performance with this product. This LCD Television has been designed to meet the International standards. However, it could cause personal injuries and property damage if improperly handled. In order to prevent potential danger and obtain maximum benefit from your set, please observe the following instructions when installing, operating, and cleaning the product.
  • Page 5: Safety Pr R Ecautions

    SAFETY PR R ECAUTIONS For your safety, please read the following precautions carefully before using this product. Improper use would cause serious personal injuries and/or damage to your property or this product. About the Symbols The following are the symbols used in this manual and affixed on the unit itself. Please fully understand the meanings of the symbols before reading the precautions in this section.
  • Page 6 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS (continued) There is a risk of fire, electric shock, or serious injury. Install the unit at a proper area where it does not expose anyone to any danger. If you hit against the edge of the unit, you may be injured. Do not place any objects on top of the unit.
  • Page 7 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS (continued) Do not cover or block any ventilation holes on the product. The unit would overheat, and it could cause fire or damage the product which may shorten its service life. Install the product in accordance with the instructions in this manual. Do not place the unit with ventilation side down.
  • Page 8: Cleaning And Maintenance

    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS (continued) Do not install the unit at areas where it will be subjected to high temperatures. It could damage the cabinet or parts of the product. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiator, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus that produce heat. Keep the unit out of direct sunlight.
  • Page 9: About Lcd Panel

    ABOUT LCD PANEL Other Common Characteristics of LCD Panel The following are the common phenomena when operating LCD Panel due to its structural reason. Please note that they are not malfunctions. Defective Spots on Panel The LCD panel is manufactured with high-precision technology. However, there might be some spots that are not emitted, brighter than the others, or in different colors, etc.
  • Page 10: Quick Start Guide

    Connect the plug into the wall socket after all other connections are completed. CAUTION Ensure that both ends of power cord are easily accessible. AA size batteries Power Cord L37X01AU Clean Cloth Option: Desktop Stand (TS01C42SL) For L42X01AU * See the user...
  • Page 11: Insert The Batteries Into The Remote Control

    If you want to change the setting after completing this first time setup, press button and set up individually. Refer to The protective sheet Main Power switch (L37X01AU) button. ”, and enter “0000” as your initial button. Sub Power button...
  • Page 12: Component Names

    Cabinet L42X01AU Panel Remote Control Receiver Indicating Lamp Speaker Desktop Stand (Option for L42X01AU) Main Power Switch (on the left side) – for L37X01AU Main Power Switch (on the right side) – for L42X01AU L42X01AU...
  • Page 13 COMPONENT NAMES (continued) Main Unit (continued) Control Panel Sub Power button Menu button Channel Up/ button Channel Down/ button Volume Up button Volume Down / button Input Select /OK button L37X01AU L42X01AU...
  • Page 14: Remote Control

    COMPONENT NAMES (continued) Remote Control NOTE Some buttons are only for Teletext mode, and other buttons have different functions in Teletext mode from the use of TV mode. Those buttons are indicated by [ ]. Refer to "Analog Teletext" on Sub Power Press this button to switch TV On or Off standby.
  • Page 15: Preparation

    As this product is heavy, whenever it is moved, two people are required to transport it safely. When moving the unit, hold it by the top and bottom frame of the LCD screen. (See the figures below for details.) L37X01AU Holes...
  • Page 16: Safety Precaution On Main Unit Installation

    PREPARATION (continued) Safety Precaution on Main Unit Installation Read SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ( * When installing the unit, use the optional Desktop Stand (TS01C42SL for L42X01AU). Please refer to the user manual of the stand. The Desktop Stand (optional) has been used for the illustration in this manual. When installing the main unit, be sure to use the specified mount units in order to obtain maximum performance and maintain the safety.
  • Page 17: Connection

    CONNECTION Terminal Positions L37X01AU L42X01AU Connecting Procedure This unit is ready for various kinds of connections. Make a connection in the following steps. Be sure to unplug the power cord from the wall socket first, when connecting external equipment. 1. Connect Power Cord to the rear panel.
  • Page 18 CONNECTION (continued) Connecting Procedure (continued) 1. Connecting Power Cord to Rear Panel. Connect power cord to the television. * Make sure not to connect the power plug to the wall socket until all connections are completed. 2. Connecting Aerial Lead. There are two ways to connect aerial lead.
  • Page 19 CONNECTION (continued) Connecting Procedure (continued) 3. Connecting to External Equipment Terminals on Rear AV1 and AV2 can be connected to the equipment with Component output. If your external device has a Component terminal, COMPONENT / AUDIO connection is recommended for higher quality picture.
  • Page 20 (AV3, AV4), or DTT/TV signal can be displayed to the external television. NOTE Video output is not available from component, RGB, or HDMI input. PC connection terminal (D-sub 15 pin) +PC(RGB)/HDMI Analog Audio Input terminal connected to PC, which allows Analog RGB signal. L37X01AU Mini stereo plug L42X01AU...
  • Page 21 If the external device has DVI output, this can be available with HDMI-DVI cable. In case of using the HDMI-DVI cable, connect analog audio signal to PC (RGB)/HDMI Analog Audio Input terminal. HDMI 1· 2 terminals are located on the rear side of unit, while HDMI 3 terminal is located on the right side control panel. L37X01AU HDMI Mini...
  • Page 22 Since the following terminals are located on the side, it is very convenient to use the extra device on a temporary basis after done the connections on the rear panel. AV4 can be connected to the equipment with composite output. (For L37X01AU) AV4 can be connected to the equipment with S-Video output and composite output. (For L42X01AU)
  • Page 23 How to secure the power cord and cables Step 1. Secure the power cord After connecting power cord to the rear panel, secure the power cord with the clamp. L37X01AU Step 2. Secure all cables Secure all cables together with power cord by using large clamp.
  • Page 24: Basic Operation

    Sub Power button on the remote control. The image disappears from the screen and the Indicating Lamp turns into Red (Standby mode). 2. Press Main Power switch to completely turn Off the power of the unit. L37X01AU Sub Power button Indicating Lamp Status Green Orange...
  • Page 25: Volume Up/Down

    The color of the Volume Indicator will turn back to yellow. NOTE You can decrease the volume by pressing muted. L37X01AU Volume Up / Down button Input Select Channel Up / Down Input Switching to DTT/TV AV1~4, HDMI1~3, and RGB By pressing Input Select button, you can switch the input.
  • Page 26: Input Signal Screen Display

    BASIC OPERATION (continued) Input Signal Screen Display The input signal status and off timer staturs can be displayed on the screen by pressing the button of the remote control. • The display in DTT mode will appear when changing the channels. (Refer to •...
  • Page 27: Tv Setup Operation

    The OSD menu screen will be closed automatically when no operation has been made for about 30 seconds. If the item in menu is shown in gray, it means that it cannot be selected or adjusted. L37X01AU button. Menu button Picture...
  • Page 28: Main Menu List

    TV SETUP OPERATION (continued) Main Menu List Menu Picture Mode Contrast Brightness Color Sharpness Tint Color Temperature Picture(TV/AV) Back Light Picture(TV/A Reset Black Enhancement MPEG NR Film Mode 3D Comb Filter Picture Size Reset Contrast Brightness Picture(RGB) Color Temperature Back Light Reset Audio Mode Treble...
  • Page 29: Setup Menu (Tv Mode)

    TV SETUP OPERATION (continued) Setup Menu (TV mode) You can install channels and make the various settings related channels. 1. Press button. 2. Select “ Setup ” menu and press 3. Select the preferred menu item and press Selected Items Mode Auto Tuning Search...
  • Page 30 TV SETUP OPERATION (continued) Setup Menu (TV mode) (continued) With this menu, you can access various kinds of features relating to TV channel settings. Selected Items Color System Manual Tuning Skip Anteena Att. Fine Tuning Sort Auto NTSC 4.43 Select [Auto] normally. In case that color is not displayed correctly, select the SECAM other modes depending on the received signal.
  • Page 31: Channel Selections

    Stepping through the Channel Press Channel Up/Down button to switch the next or previous channel on the list. L37X01AU Channel Up/ Down Selecting by Number Enter the number of acquired channel by using numeric buttons on the remote control.
  • Page 32: Picture Setting

    TV SETUP OPERATION (continued) Picture Setting You can make specific adjustments for the picture based on your preference. 1. Press button. 2. Select “Picture” menu and press 3. Select the preferred menu item and press (By pressing button at the bottom of each menu page, the next Picture menu will appear on the screen.) NOTE Please see about picture setting of PC...
  • Page 33 TV SETUP OPERATION (continued) Picture Setting (continued) Selected Items Black Enhancement MPEG NR* Film Mode 3D Comb Filter Picture Size Reset Information The settings of the item indicated by “ About “Film Mode” NOTE The image might not look natural depending on the image contents. Phenomena such as When switching the subtitles of a film or images, the image displays fine horizontal streak lines.
  • Page 34: Audio Setting

    TV SETUP OPERATION (continued) Audio Setting You can adjust and customize the audio condition as you like. 1. Press button. 2. Select “ Audio” menu and press 3. Select the preferred menu item and press Selected Items Audio Mode Treble Bass Balance Matrix Surround...
  • Page 35: Timer Menu

    TV SETUP OPERATION (continued) Timer Menu This allows your television to turn Off (Standby mode) at set time automatically, which you may find useful. Selected Items Off Timer Information One minute before the time you set, the screen will display “Time off within one minute". - - Min.
  • Page 36: Audio Switching (Tv)

    TV SETUP OPERATION (continued) Audio Switching (TV) NICAM / Sound Multiplex (including A2) (TV mode) You can make optimum use of available audio by pressing I/II button of remote control. Audio can be switched only if receiving NICAM and sound multiplex signals; otherwise, pressing this button will have no effect, such as when only mono sound is received.
  • Page 37: Pc Adjustment Setting

    TV SETUP OPERATION (continued) PC Adjustment Setting You can adjust the display condition such as position adjustment and color setting while connecting to the PC and being RGB mode. See for the PC connection. From Setup Menu (RGB) 1. Press button.
  • Page 38 TV SETUP OPERATION (continued) PC Adjustment Setting (continued) From Picture Menu (RGB) 1. Press button. 2. Select “ Picture” menu and press 3. Select the preferred menu item and press Selected Items Contrast Brightness Color Temperature Back Light Reset Information There is a useful function to automatically store the setting on menu in almost every item so that you do not have to reset every time.
  • Page 39: Analog Teletext

    TV SETUP OPERATION (continued) Analog Teletext What is “ Teletext” Teletext is the written information services provided by each TV channel. Most TV channels provide information via Teletext such as: TV program schedule Weather forecasts Sports results Newsflash Select Teletext Language 1.
  • Page 40 TV SETUP OPERATION (continued) Analog Teletext (continued) How to Operate the Teletext You can display the Teletext simply by pressing the remote control buttons. Operation To activate Teletext mode.* To exit from the Teletext mode. To move to the next or previous page. To jump to the indicated page.
  • Page 41: Digital Terrestrial Television (Dtt) Operation

    DIGITAL TERRESTRIAL TELEVISION (DTT) OPERATION How to use the On-Screen Display (OSD) system With the On-Screen Display system, you can access the various kinds of the features and functions. Basic Operation 1. Press button on the remote control or Menu button on the control panel of the unit.
  • Page 42: Installing Channels

    DIGITAL TERRESTRIAL TELEVISION (DTT) OPERATION (continued) Installing Channels You can search available channels in any of the following 3 methods. 1. Press button on the remote control in DTT mode. 2. Select “Installation”, on the DTT main menu with 3. The password is required to enter the Installation menu. The initial password is 0000. 4.
  • Page 43: Channel Selections

    DIGITAL TERRESTRIAL TELEVISION (DTT) OPERATION (continued) Channel Selections There are 4 ways to select the channels: stepping through the channel, selecting by number, selecting from the program/favorite list, and using the Electronic Program Guide (EPG). Stepping through the Channel Press Channel Up/Down button to switch the next or previous channel on the list. Information banner is displayed every time channel is switched.
  • Page 44: Making Favorite List

    DIGITAL TERRESTRIAL TELEVISION (DTT) OPERATION (continued) Making Favorite List The “Edit channels” menu allows you to select your favorite channels and make a Favorite List in order to access easily to the channel you watch most often. 1. Press button on the remote control and select “Edit channels” and press button.
  • Page 45: Digital Teletext

    DIGITAL TERRESTRIAL TELEVISION (DTT) OPERATION (continued) Digital Teletext Teletext can provide various information with text on the screen. Press button to access. Press it again to return to the normal screen. Operation To activate Teletext mode. To exit from the Teletext mode. To move to the next or previous page To jump to the indicated page.
  • Page 46: Subtitle

    DIGITAL TERRESTRIAL TELEVISION (DTT) OPERATION (continued) Subtitle The enables (disable) the subtitle if available as your useful tool. 1. Press button to display DTT main menu. 2. Select ”General settings” and press 3. Select ”Subtitle settings” and press 4. With buttons select “Enable”...
  • Page 47: Change Pin

    DIGITAL TERRESTRIAL TELEVISION (DTT) OPERATION (continued) Change Pin To use the locks effectively, do change the pin number from the default setting, which should be known and remembered only by you. The default setting is 0000. 1. Press button on the remote control. 2.
  • Page 48: Function

    FUNCTION Size Switching Each time button of the remote control is pressed, the screen display size is switched in sequence, and the status will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. TV/AV signal input Display Size Watching standard Definition Picture(480i,480p,576i,576p) TV/AV1/AV2/AV3/AV4 /HDMI1~3 Cinema Panoramic...
  • Page 49: Multi Picture Mode

    FUNCTION (continued) Size Switching (continued) RGB signal input You can select a suitable size depending on the resolution. Full Display Area Selection Diagram Resolution 640 x 400 (VGA) 640 x 480 (VGA) 800 x 600 (SVGA) 1024 x 768 (XGA) 1280 x 768 (WXGA) 1280 x 1024 (SXGA) 1360 x 768 (WXGA)
  • Page 50 FUNCTION (continued) ulti Picture Mode (continued) Table: Mix-and –Match of the Input Modes ( HDMI) Main HDMI1 HDMI2 HDMI3 Activate the Multi Picture Mode in RGB Mode When you activated the Multi Picture mode in RGB Input, the picture will be displayed at the mode which the Sub-screen is displayed inside of the large screen (Main-screen).
  • Page 51 FUNCTION (continued) ulti Picture Mode(continued) Activate the Multi Picture Mode in Video Mode To activate Multi Picture mode in either TV, AV, HDMI, and RGB mode, press on the remote control. 2-picture mode You can watch two different pictures side by side. This mode is available in both TV mode and AV mode ( AV1~4 Input).
  • Page 52: Picture Freezing

    FUNCTION (continued) Picture Freezing By pressing button, you can change to freeze mode easily anytime you like. Press it again to return to normal picture. Power Save Mode When the AV input is selected You are provided the function to save power consumption when no signal is detected in AV input. Set to On in “Video Power Save”...
  • Page 53: Dvd Player/ Stb Selection

    After press required buttons to select the manufacturer and type as shown below. Set up Example: HITACHI DVD 1. Set up the manufacturer. Press button so that the button light. While the button is lighting (Approx. 30 seconds), press 2.
  • Page 54: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Before calling service technician, check the following tables first. If the problem is not be solved with the suggested procedures, contact your local dealer. For your safety, NEVER try to repair the product by yourself. When Following Messages Appear on the Screen Message This indicates it is in Power Save mode.
  • Page 55 TROUBLESHOOTING (continued) Symptom and Check List (continued) Symptoms No picture – normal sound The remote control does not work. Normal picture but no color-normal sound Image is paused. No picture The Indicating lamp No picture The Indicating lamp Orange It means that the unit is in “Power Save Mode”.
  • Page 56 TROUBLESHOOTING (continued) Symptom and Check List (continued) Symptoms The image on the screen is moving in an oblique direction. (PC input mode only) The coarse horizontal stripes could be seen in full-display mode. (PC input mode only) The part of the image is lacking. (PC input mode only) The horizontal stripes are moving vertically with flickering screen.
  • Page 57: Product Specifications

    The television takes at least 30 minutes to attain the status of optimal picture quality. S-Video input terminal is available for AV3 of L37X01AU only. This analog audio input terminal can be used for PC (RGB) or HDMI(DVI) 1~3 only.
  • Page 58: Signal Input

    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS (continued) Signal Input S-input connector pin specifications Input signal Y-GND C-GND Frame HDMI connector Input pin specifications Input signal T.M.D.S. Data2+ T.M.D.S. Data2 T.M.D.S. Data2- T.M.D.S. Data1+ T.M.D.S. Data1 T.M.D.S. Data1- T.M.D.S. Data0+ T.M.D.S. Data0 T.M.D.S. Data0- T.M.D.S. Clock+ RGB terminal (D-sub 15-pin connector) Input signal No connection...
  • Page 59: Recommended Signal List

    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS (continued) Recommended Signal List With Component Video INPUT Signal mode Signal Resolution name 576i 720(1440) x 576 480i 720(1440) x 480 576p 720 x 576 480p 720 x 480 1080i/50 1920 x 1080 1080i/60 1920 x 1080 720p/50 1280 x 720 720p/60 1280 x 720...
  • Page 60 2-Picture Main AV1, AV2 Component AV3, AV4 Composite/S-Video HDMI 1~3 S-Video input terminal is available for AV3 of L37X01AU only. This is not available when NTSC signal is received, or no AV signal is detected. Horizontal frequency Vertical frequency (kHz) (Hz) 70.09...

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