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Channel List; Navigating The Entire Channel List; Moving The Channels In The Channel List; Deleting The Channels In The Channel List - Hitachi L42VT U Instructions For Use Manual

42" lcd colour television
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IDTV Menu System
The IDTV menu can only be viewed when
watching digital terrestrial broadcasting. Press
the TV/DTV button to turn IDTV on while the TV
is in analogue mode.
Press the " MENU " button. The menu below
appears on the screen:

Channel List

Using the " " or " " button on the remote
control, make sure that the rst item, Channel
List, is highlighted and press the OK button to
display the Channel List.
The following operations can be performed in
this menu:
• Navigating the entire list of channels
• Deleting channels
• Renaming channels
• Adding locks to channels
• Setting favourites
• Moving channels
Channel List is the place where the channels
are managed.

Navigating the Entire Channel List

Press " " or " " button for selecting the
previous or next channel. You can press P+ or
P- button to move page up or page down.
To watch a speci c channel, highlight it using
" " or " " button and then press " OK " button,
while the "Select" item on Channel List menu is
highlighted by using " " or " " button.
Then the name and number of the selected
channel will be displayed in the top-left and
top-right of the channel display at the top-right
of the screen, respectively.

Moving the channels in the channel list

• Press " " or " " buttons to select the channel
that will be moved.
• Press " " or " " buttons to select the " Move "
item on Channel List menu.
Following OSD will be displayed next to " OK "
item to indicate that enter a number by using
the numeric buttons on the remote control and
press " OK " to con rm.
Note: If you enter the same programme number
of the channel that you want to move, ".... channel
services will be replaced. Do you want to continue?"
OSD will be displayed. Press OK to confi rm or select
"No" to cancel.

Deleting the Channels in the Channel List

• Press " " or " " button to select the channel
that will be deleted.
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