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Store; Feature Menu; Pip-Pap; Pip Size - Hitachi L42VT U Instructions For Use Manual

42" lcd colour television
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Press " " or " " button to select Effect. Press
" " or " " button to set as On or Off .


Press " " or " " button to select Store. Press "
" or OK button to store the settings. " Stored... "
will be displayed on the screen.

Feature Menu

Movie Sense
Press " " or " " button to select Movie
Use " " or " " to set Movie Sense Low, Med,
High or Off. While Movie Sense is active,
it will optimize the TV's video settings for
motional images to acquire a better quality and
When Movie Sense option is set to Low, Med
or High, Movie Sense demo option will be
available. If one of these options is selected and
if you press OK button, then the demo mode
starts. While demo mode is active, the screen
will be divided into two sections, one displaying
the movie sense activity, the other displaying the
normal settings for TV screen.
- Movie Sense feature supports SD signals
(480i, 576i,480p,576p). It does not support
HD signals (1080p, 1080i, 720p).
- Movie Sense works while watching 24-frame
- Movie Sense feature will not be available while
Game Mode is set as On. If you switch to any
other source and set Movie Sense as on,
Game Mode will automatically set as Off.


In the Feature menu, highlight PIP item by
pressing " " or " " buttons. Press " " button
to enter PIP submenu:
Using " " or " " button, you can switch to PIP,
PAP mode or turn off the feature.
If the TV is switched to PIP or PAP mode,
Pip-Pap submenu will change accordingly and
the following settings will appear on the same
menu screen.
Note that if you switch to PAP mode by using Pip-Pap
setting, only Source and Swap options will be active
among the menu settings.
This line controls Pip/Pap modes. Use " " or " "
buttons to switch the TV to Pip , Pap or Off .

Pip Size

Using this setting, you can set the size of the
Pip window. Press " " or " " button to highlight
Pip Size item. Use " " or " " button to set Pip
Size to Small or Large.
Note : This setting will be inactive if the TV is set to
Pap mode.

PIP Position

This setting is used for moving the sub
Select PIP Position item by using " " or
" " button. Use " " or " " button to adjust PIP
Positions available are: Bottom Right,Bottom
Left, Top Left and Top Right.


PIP Source setting enables you to select the
source of the sub picture.
English - 36 -



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