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Troubleshooting Tips; Disc Playback - Hitachi CX77MP3C Instruction Manual

Portable cd player with mp3 and usb slot
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Troubleshooting tips

No power
AC connection is not complete. Check all
cords and cables.
Unit does not respond to key presses
The built-in microprocessor may malfunction
due to external electrical interference. Unplug
the AC power cord and then plug it back in.
Unable to operate the unit from the remote
Make sure there is no obstacle between the
unit and the remote control.
Move closer to the unit.
The batteries are exhausted. Replace the
No sound is heard
Volume is too low. Increase the volume.
Headphones are connected.

Disc playback

Disc does not play
Check that the CD is in the tray.
Check that the CD label is facing up.
Check that pause mode is not on.
Check that the CD function is selected.
CD sound skips
Clean the disc.
Check the disc for warping, scratches, or
other damage.
Check if something is causing the unit to
vibrate. If so, move the unit.
Poor radio reception
The FM antenna is not properly extended
and positioned. Extend completely and try
another position.
Turn off nearby electrical appliances, such as
hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, microwave and
uorescent lights.
Cannot play back music les on connected
USB or SD/MMC card
Make sure USB device or SD/MMC card is
securely connected.
Digital Right Management (DRM) type music
les will not be played.



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