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Compatible Disc Types - Hitachi CX77MP3C Instruction Manual

Portable cd player with mp3 and usb slot
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CD playback

Compatible disc types

This unit supports playback of CD disc of the
following types:
CD Audio
The ability to play certain recordable discs
may depend on the quality or physical
condition of the disc, the quality of the
recording, or characteristics of the recording
device or software application. Playback
cannot be guaranteed in all situations. This
is not an indication of any problem with the
Compatible audio formats
The unit supports playback of songs in CD-
audio (pre-recorded CDs) and mp3 format.
This unit does not support Digital Rights
Management (DRM) and cannot play songs
purchased from iTunes or other songs in AAC
format, songs in ATRAC format or songs
purchased from some online music retailers.
It may be possible to convert your music to
one of the playable compressed formats,
or burn it to an audio CD, depending on the
DRM restrictions.
Recorded CD discs should be created in
accordance with the ISO9660 CD-ROM
le system. The system can read media
containing up to 16 levels of directories, 99
total directories and up to 999 total les.
Chinese characters cannot be displayed
however les featuring them can be played
back. File extensions should be .mp3 or
.MP3. MP3 les are supported at 8-384kbps
encoding rate (including VBR encoding),
32/44.1/48kHz sampling rate.
CD playback operations
To access the CD mode:
Press FUNCTION repeatedly until CD mode
is selected.
The CD icon lights on the display when CD
mode is selected.
To start CD playback:
1. Press the CD door at the edge marked OPEN/
CLOSE to open the disc compartment door.
OPEN shows on the display
2. Load an audio CD or data CD with MP3 les
onto the disc tray.
3. Press the CD door at the edge marked OPEN/
CLOSE to close the disc compartment door.
The unit should read the disc information.
Total number
of tracks
Audio CD
Total number
of folders
MP3 disc
As MP3 discs contain much more information
than normal CDs, the unit may take longer
time to read all information from them. This
is normal and not an indication of any problem
with the unit.
Total playback time
Total number
of tracks



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