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General Controls - Hitachi CX77MP3C Instruction Manual

Portable cd player with mp3 and usb slot
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General controls

Switch on or off the unit
Press STANDBY or
off (standby mode).
Control the audio output
Rotate VOLUME - / + and press VOLUME
UP/DN to adjust the sound level. The current
returning to the previous display.
Press EQ (Electronic Equalizer) repeatedly to
select a preset equalizer mode (Flat, Classic,
Rock, Pop and Jazz). The selected EQ mode
icon shows at the bottom of the display.
Press DBBS to turn bass boost on or off.
When selected, DBBS icon shows at the
bottom of the display.
Press MUTE to temporarily cut the audio
output. Press again to restore.
Clock, timer and sleep function
To set the time:
1. When the unit is turned on, press and hold
MEMORY/CLOCK. The current time appears.
Press MEMORY/CLOCK again. 12HR or 24HR
shows on the display.
2. Press
3. Press MEMORY/CLOCK to confirm.
4. Press
5. Press MEMORY/CLOCK to confirm.
to turn the unit on or
to select 12 or 24 hour time
to set the hour time.
6. Press
7. Press MEMORY/CLOCK. The clock time is
now set.
To show the clock time when the unit is
turned on:
Press and hold MEMORY/CLOCK when the
unit is turned on to show the current clock
time brie y.
to set the minute time.



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