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Hitachi CX77MP3C Instruction Manual page 15

Portable cd player with mp3 and usb slot
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CD playback
To operate the playback:
1. Press
to start playback.
2. During playback, press
again to resume.
3. Press
Use also the number buttons (0-9) to input
the track/ le number for direct selection.
4. Press and hold
or forward within the same track/ le. Release
the button to resume to playback at normal
5. Press
to stop the playback.
To select a folder on a mp3 disc:
Press FOLDER UP or DN to select a folder
on a mp3 disc. The unit will start playback
from the rst song in the selected folder.
To show information (ID3 tag) of mp3 les:
During playback of mp3 les, press ID3 on
the remote control to show more information
of the current le.
To select a playback mode:
Press PLAY MODE repeatedly on the remote
control to select a playback mode
Repeat one (
Repeat album* (
Repeat all (
Random (
Cancel playback mode (no icon)
* Repeat album is only available for MP3
The selected repeat or random mode icon will
show on the display.
to pause it. Press
to skip to the previous or next
to scan backward
To program the playback:
The program playback mode lets you program a
total of 40 tracks in any desired order. You can
also program the same track/ le to play several
times within a program sequence.
1. In CD mode, press
2. While playback is stopped, press MEMORY/
PROG and PR01 shows on the display. PROG
stands for program mode whereas PR01
stands for the rst program location.
3. Press
program location.
4. Press MEMORY/CLOCK to store the
selected track into the program location.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to program more
tracks. Up to 40 tracks can be programmed.
6. Press
to start playback of the
programmed tracks. Playback will stop after
all programmed tracks are played.
7. To play back the programmed tracks again,
8. To cancel the programmed sequence from
the memory, press
mode, or open the disc compartment door.
PROG disappears from the display.
to stop any disc
to select the track for the rst
twice in the programme



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