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Hitachi CX77MP3C Instruction Manual page 12

Portable cd player with mp3 and usb slot
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Clock, timer and sleep function
The unit includes a timer function to turn on and
off the unit at a speci c time. Make sure you
have correctly set the clock time to use the timer
To activate the timer:
1. When the unit is turned on, press TIMER on
the remote control.
2. When you see the message SELECT
SOURCES, press FUNCTION repeatedly
to select the sound source to play when the
timer activates.
3. Press TIMER to confirm.
4. When you see the message VOL XX (where
XX is the current volume level), press
VOLUME UP or DN to set the volume level
when the timer activates.
5. Press TIMER to confirm.
6. When you see the message SET ON TIMER,
press TIMER.
7. Press
timer activation.
to set the hour time for the
8. Press TIMER to confirm.
9. Press
timer activation.
10. Press TIMER to confirm.
11. When you see the message SET OFF
12. Press
timer deactivation.
13. Press TIMER to confirm.
14. Press
timer deactivation.
15. Press TIMER to confirm.
The Timer is now set. The Timer icon (
lights on the display.
To cancel the timer:
Press TIMER once. The Timer icon (
disappears on the display.
NOTE: Please make sure CD is available when alarm
to CD is set. If the USB device or CD/MMC card
is not available, FM will be the default source.
to set the minute time for the
to set the hour time for the
to set the minute time for the



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