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Chapter 1 • Introduction; Description - Casio DT-800RF Supported Equipment Manual

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The DT-800RF has a versatile high-speed scanning (100 scans per second) that
ensures a rapid first-time read rate and high data integrity. Its combination of
distance and contact laser scanning allows bar codes to be easily read even when
badly printed on curved and irregular surfaces. Amongst the lightest weight
terminals in its class, the compact lightweight design of the DT-800RF reduces
operator fatigue over extended usage periods. Its backlit display can be illuminated,
enabling readings to be clearly seen in the darkest of work environments.
This terminal has a world-class water splash proof (IPX II standard) that provides
continuous operations, even in the rain. Using the latest multi-drop communications
technology, data can be collected at many different networked points connected to a
single PC. Low-power circuitry and an automatic power-off feature conserve battery
life to the maximum and provide more usage time before replacement. A
rechargeable battery reduces the need to dispose of dead batteries and helps to
conserve the environment.
The DT-800RF's 160 x 160-dot screen displays extensive lines of information. This
touch screen can also be used for entering data quickly and easily. You may choose
between 2.6 or 10 Mbytes of memory to meet your specific requirements. Control
functions (such as "Help" or "Send") can be assigned to the DT-800RF special
function keys to further enhance operation.
Master I/O boxes, including SCSI or Ethernet connection, allow the configuration of
a large-scale system with satellite I/O boxes for high speed, large volume data
transfer. The DT-800RF can be set to read all common bar code symbologies with a
narrow bar width as small as 0.125mm. Infrared communications on this terminal
allow data to be downloaded or uploaded without the need to connect any cables,
thus ensuring trouble-free connection to a host system.
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Supported Equipment Manual
Chapter 1 • Introduction
March, 2006



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