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Quadrant Mode
The scrolling list defines the rules by which the terminal display is positioned in the
larger host display. As defined by Twin Client, quadrants are fixed position "windows"
in the host display, and the terminal display is located on whatever quadrant contains the
current cursor position.
input field in the terminal display.
boundaries result in a shift to the left in order to locate as much of the current input
field on the terminal display.
Viewing keys are enabled.
(x,y) coordinates in the host display. The coordinates are zero-based.
Font Size
This check box enables (checked) or disables (unchecked) the display of characters in
10x20 font.
Key Click
This check box enables (checked) or disables (unchecked) audible key clicks from the
terminal. Default is on (checked).
Supported Equipment Manual
disables quadrant processing and Twin Client simply centers the current host
enables quadrant processing. However, input fields that cross quadrant
always positions on a quadrant boundary regardless of input field boundaries.
is the same as
except the viewing keys are disabled.
locks the terminal display origin (upper left corner) to fixed row and column
March, 2006
Standard Setup


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