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Running The Manager - Casio DT-800RF Supported Equipment Manual

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Terminal Setup
a. To reboot the system immediately, click on
b. To reboot later, click on the option to restart the computer later, and click on

Running the Manager

The PowerNet Twin Client Manager is the utility that manages the terminal software and
Start, Programs, PowerNet
Client Manager screen appears as shown in the following figure. This is the
administrator's main screen, and all functions are accessed from its menu bar, tool bar,
and tabs.
Menu Bar
The menu bar provides access to the functions used to configure the terminals and
manage their software.
Under the menu bar, the tool bar provides shortcuts to major features. The toolbar can be
turned on or off by changing the Toolbar parameter found on the
shortcuts available from the toolbar are as follows:
The PowerNet Twin Client Manager is now successfully installed and ready for use. The
Quick Start section below provides detailed instructions for quickly configuring the
terminal and starting a telnet session.
Create a new terminal configuration.
Open an existing terminal configuration.
Save the current terminal configuration.
Download the configuration to terminal.
Download software to terminal.
Configure terminals automatically over the wireless network.
View PowerNet Twin Client Manager version.
, and
Twin Client Manager
Supported Equipment Manual
. The PowerNet Twin
menu. The
• March, 2006



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