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Font Loading Error;
Printer Not Ready\nPress R to
Retry\nC to Cancel Print;
Mobile Unit in\nDemonstration
Mode\nfor TwinClient;
Connected to Host;
Telnet Mode not\nsupported on\nthis
Mobile Unit;
Telnet Setup files\nnot found.
Reload\nfiles then switch;
Switched Client to\nTelnet Direct Mode; Mobile Unit running in Telnet mode
Switched Client to\nServer Based
Port 23 is only\nallowed in Telnet
Not Enough Memory\nTo Run;
Press any key;
Supported Equipment Manual
March, 2006
Could not load the font.
Can not print.
Running in demo mode.
Successful connection to the target
This Mobile Unit must be used with
a Connect Server.
Customer specific configuration
files are missing.
direct to the target Host.
Mobile Unit running through a
Connect server in server mode
usually at port 1800.
Can not set the port to 23 in server
mode. Port 23 is the standard
Telnet port.
Mobile Unit does not have the
capacity to run the program do to
memory restrictions.
Press a key to continue.
Ensure that the font is available to load.
Check cable, battery, communication
settings and paper in the printer.
Purchase a license from Connect.
Advisory message.
Order a Connect Server.
Load the configuration files into the Mobile
Unit from Twin Client Manager.
Advisory message.
Advisory message.
Advisory message.
Expand the Mobile Unit memory.
Advisory message.
Error Message Resolution Guide
Reference Tech Note


Table of Contents

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