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Miele Distinction 500 Operating Instructions Manual Page 39

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Liquid detergent
does not give the
required result.
Grey, greasy
particles cling to
washed laundry.
A stale smell is
in the drum and
on laundry.
There are white
residues which
look like powder
detergent on
dark coloured
Machine is
constantly over-
detergent light is
Clothes are
coming out
Possible cause
Liquid detergents do
not contain bleaching
agents. They do not
remove fruit, coffee
and tea stains.
Insufficient amounts of
detergent were used
to break down the
particles of grease in
heavily soiled laundry.
Low temperature
The detergent
contained compounds
(zeolites) to aid water
softening which are
not soluble in water.
These have ended up
on the laundry.
Machine connected to
a water softener.
Too much detergent
was used.
Too little detergent
was used.
Programme was
The wrong
programme was used.
Problem solving guide
– Use a general purpose washing
machine powder containing a
bleaching agent.
– Pour stain removers into compart-
ment j of the dispenser drawer
and liquid detergent into a
dispenser ball.
– Never put stain removers and
liquid detergent together in the
dispenser drawer.
– Add more detergent.
– Before washing the next load run
a Cottons 95°C programme with
powder detergent but without a
Before washing the next load run a
Cottons 95°C programme with
powder detergent but without a load.
– Try and brush off the residues with
a soft brush once the laundry is
– Use a liquid detergent to wash
dark coloured textiles. Liquid
detergents usually contain no
Connect machine to mains water
and dose detergent for hard water.
Reduce detergent.
Increase detergent slightly to bring
back foam suppressant ingredients.
Reduce quantity of clothes in drum.
– Check care labels with section
"How to wash correctly".
– Use easy iron conditioners.


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