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Warm Oven - Electrolux E30EW85GSS Use & Care Manual

Built-in wall oven
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This mode is best for keeping hot food warm for serving after cooking has finished. The Warm
Oven feature uses the hidden bake element to maintain the temperature within the oven. The
Warm Oven feature may be used with Multi-Stage (refer to its section for directions) if you wish
to have the Warm Oven feature turn ON automatically when cooking has finished. The oven can
be programmed for Warm Oven at any temperature between 150°F to 190°F with a default
temperature of 170°F.
Warm Oven Tips:
Always start with hot food.
Do not use the Warm Oven feature to heat cold food.
Food in heat-safe glass and glass ceramic containers may need higher temperature
settings compared to food in regular containers.
Avoid repeated openings of the oven, it will allow hot air to escape and the food to cool.
Aluminum foil may be used to cover food to increase moisture content.
To set a Warm Oven Temperature of 170°F:
1. Arrange interior oven racks.
2. Select oven by pressing either UPPER OVEN
3. Press WARM OVEN
4. Press START
5. The Multi-Stage, Cook Duration, Timer and End Time features can be set to control your
warming time (read their sections for directions).
6. Remove food. Always use oven mitts when removing hot pans from the oven.
7. Press CANCEL
to stop or cancel the Warm Oven feature at any time.
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