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Electrolux 318 200 931 (0412) Rev. B Use And Care Manual

Built-in double wall oven
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Table of Contents
Use & Care Guide
B u i l t - I n D o u b l e W a l l O v e n
31 8 2 0 0 9 31 ( 0 41 2 ) R e v. B


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux 318 200 931 (0412) Rev. B

  • Page 1 Use & Care Guide B u i l t - I n D o u b l e W a l l O v e n 31 8 2 0 0 9 31 ( 0 41 2 ) R e v. B...
  • Page 2: Finding Information

    QUESTIONS? For toll-free telephone support in the U.S. and Canada: 1-877-4ELECTROLUX (1-877-435-3287) For on-line support and internet product information: 2004 Electrolux Home Products, Inc. Post Office Box 212378, Augusta, Georgia 30917, USA All rights reserved. Printed in the USA...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Oven Light ... 39 Adjusting Oven Temperature ... 40 Solutions to Common Problems ... 41-43 Oven Controls Beeps and Displays “F” Code . 41 Installation ... 41 Entire Oven Does Not Operate ... 41-42 Oven Light Does Not Operate ... 42 Self-Clean Cycle Does Not Work ...
  • Page 4: Safety

    Safety IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Please read all safety instructions before using your new Electrolux wall oven. WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or injury when using your wall oven, follow basic precautions including the following: •...
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING YOUR OVEN • Use Care When Opening an Oven Door—Stand to the side of the appliance when opening the door of a hot oven. Let hot air or steam escape before you remove or replace food in the oven.
  • Page 6 • Do not cover the broiler pan insert or oven bottom with aluminum foil. Exposed fat and grease could ignite. • Do not touch a hot oven light bulb with a damp cloth. Doing so could cause the bulb to break. Disconnect the appliance or shut off the power to the appliance before removing and replacing the bulb.
  • Page 10: Setting Oven Controls

    Setting Oven Controls CONTROL PAD FUNCTIONS Read the instructions carefully before using the oven. For satisfactory use of your oven, become familiar with the various functions of the oven as described below. Note: The graphics on your timer looks like one of those shown. Both are operating the same way.
  • Page 11: Setting The Clock

    The clock is preset at the factory for the 12 hour operation. When the wall oven is first plugged in or when the power supply to the wall oven has been interrupted, the display will flash "PF" (power failure, See Figure 1).
  • Page 12: Setting Continuous Bake Or 12 Hour Energy Saving

    Saving features. The oven control has a factory preset built-in 12 Hour Energy Saving feature that will shut off the oven if the oven control is left on for more than 11 hours and 59 minutes. The oven can be programmed to override this feature for Continuous Baking.
  • Page 13: Setting The Kitchen Timer

    Timer feature. The Timer serves as an extra timer in the kitchen that will beep when the set time has run out. It does not start or stop cooking. The Timer feature can be used during any of the other oven control functions, except during self clean operation.
  • Page 14: Setting Oven Lockout Feature

    SETTING OVEN LOCKOUT FEATURE pad controls the Oven Lockout feature. The Oven Lockout feature automatically locks the oven door and the oven control. It does not disable the clock, the kitchen timer or the interior oven lights. The oven can be locked individually.
  • Page 15: Setting Temperature Display

    OR CELSIUS: pads control the Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature display modes. The oven control can be programmed to display temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The oven has been preset at the factory to display in Fahrenheit. Note: Both ovens will be changed at the same time.
  • Page 16: Setting Silent Control Operation

    Setting Oven Controls SETTING SILENT CONTROL OPERATION Control operation feature allows the oven control to be operated without sounds or beeps whenever necessary. If desired the control can be programmed for silent operation and later returned to operating with all the normal sounds and beeps.
  • Page 17: Cooking Instructions

    Preheat feature. The Preheat feature will bring the oven up to temperature and then indicate when to place the food in the oven. Use this feature when recipes call for preheating. Preheating is not necessary when roasting or cooking casseroles.
  • Page 18: Baking

    Cooking Instructions BAKING Feature for instructions. The oven can be programmed to bake at any temperature from 170° F to 550° F (77°C to 288°C). UPPER WARM CONV UPPER LOWER CONV WARM LOWER ROAST BAKE BROIL TIMER DOOR CLEAN BROIL...
  • Page 19: Baking Problems

    For best cooking results preheat the oven before baking cookies, breads, cakes, pies or pastries, etc... There is no need to preheat the oven for roasting meats or baking casseroles. The cooking times and temperatures needed to bake a product may vary slightly from your previous appliance.
  • Page 20: Convection Baking

    3. When using Convection Bake with a single rack, place oven rack in position 3. If cooking on 2 racks, place the oven racks in positions 2 and 7. And to cook on 3 racks, place the oven racks in positions 1, 3 and 7.
  • Page 21 A beep will sound once the oven temperature reaches 325° F (adusted temperature). Note: The convection fan will start AS SOON AS the oven is set for Convection Bake. Press to cancel the Convection Bake at any time.
  • Page 22: Convection Roasting

    DO NOT use the broiler pan without the insert or cover the broiler pan insert with aluminum foil. pad controls the Convection Roast feature. The oven can be programmed To Set the Upper Oven to Convection Roast and Temperature to 350°F:...
  • Page 23: Setting Convection Convert

    Convection Convert feature will display a "CF" for check food when the bake time is approximately 75% complete. At this time the oven control will sound 3 long beeps at regular intervals (if the cook time is programmed to a duration greater than 19 minutes) until baking is finished.
  • Page 24: Setting Delayed Bake Or Delayedconvection Bake Or Delayed Convection Roast

    Even when chilled, they should not stand in the oven for more than 1 hour before cooking begins, and should be removed promptly when cooking is completed.
  • Page 25: Setting Timed Bake Or Timed Convection Bake Or Timed Convection Roast

    Timed Bake feature. When the timed bake finishes: 1. "End" and the time of day will show in display. The oven will shut off automatically (Figure 7). 2. The control will beep 3 times. The control will continue to beep 3 times every 30 seconds until pressed.
  • Page 26: Setting Delayed Timed Bake Or Delayed Timed Convection Bake Or Delayed Timed Convection Roast

    Delayed Time Bake feature. The automatic timer of the Delayed Time Bake will turn the oven on and off at the time you select in advance. NOTE: If your clock is set for normal 12 hour display mode the Delayed Time Bake feature can never be set to start more than 12 hours in advance.
  • Page 27 Even when chilled, they should not stand in the oven for more than 1 hour before cooking begins, and should be removed promptly when cooking is completed. Eating spoiled food can result in sickness from food poisoning.
  • Page 28: Setting The Keep Warm Feature

    Cooking Instructions SETTING THE KEEP WARM FEATURE temperature of 170°F (77°C). The Keep Warm Hold feature will keep oven baked foods warm for serving up to 3 hours after cooking has finished. The Warm & Hold feature will automatically turn OFF after 3 hours. The Keep Warm feature may be used without any other cooking operations or can be used after cooking has finished using BAKE, CONVECTION BAKE, CONVECTION ROAST.
  • Page 29 To set Keep Warm to turn ON automatically 1. Arrange interior oven racks and place food in oven. Set the oven properly for Timed Bake (see page 25, steps 1 to 9) or Delayed Timed Bake (see page 26-27, steps 1 to 12).
  • Page 30: Broiling

    DO NOT use the broiler pan without its insert. DO NOT cover the broiler pan insert with foil. The exposed grease could ignite. Should an oven fire occur, close the oven door and turn off the oven. If the fire continues, throw baking soda on the fire or use fire extinguisher. DO NOT put water or flour on the fire.
  • Page 31: Broiling

    The broil pan and broil pan insert used together allow dripping grease to drain and be kept away from the high heat of the oven broiler. DO NOT use the broil pan without the insert (See previous page). DO NOT cover the broil pan insert with foil. The exposed grease could catch fire.
  • Page 32: Sabbath Feature (For Use On The Jewish Sabbath & Holidays)

    Sabbath feature. Once the oven light is turned ON and the Sabbath feature is active, the oven light will remain ON until the Sabbath feature is turned OFF. If the oven light needs to be OFF, be sure to turn the oven light OFF before activating the Sabbath feature.
  • Page 33 Should you experience a power failure or interruption, the oven will shut off. When power is returned the oven will not turn back on automatically. The oven will remember that it is set for the Sabbath and the food may be safely removed from the oven while still in the Sabbath feature, however the oven cannot be turned back on until after the Sabbath.
  • Page 34: Care & Cleaning

    During the self-cleaning cycle, the outside of the wall oven can become very hot to the touch. DO NOT leave a small children unattended near the appliance. Before cleaning any part of the oven, be sure the oven is turned off or else push CANCEL pad. Wait until the oven is cool.
  • Page 35: Starting Self-Clean Cycle

    DO NOT force the oven door open. This can damage the automatic door locking system. Use care when opening the oven door after the self-cleaning cycle. Stand to the side of the oven when opening the door to allow hot air or steam to escape. The oven may still be VERY HOT.
  • Page 36 Important Notes when using the Self-Clean Feature: 1. A Self-Clean cycle cannot be started if Oven Lockout feature is active. 2. When Self-Clean cycle is active on one oven, the other one cannot be used or set for a Self-Clean cycle or any cooking.
  • Page 37: General Cleaning

    Oven Gasket The oven gasket located on the front frame of the oven and visible when the door is opened is essential for a good seal. Care should be taken not to rub, damage or remove the gasket.
  • Page 38: Care And Cleaning Of Stainless Steel

    1. Open the door to the fully opened position. 2. Pull up the lock located on each hinge support toward front of wall oven. You may have to apply a little upward pressure on the lock to pull it up.
  • Page 39: To Remove The "Hidden Bake Element" Cover

    OVEN LIGHT An interior oven light will turn on automatically when the oven door is opened. The oven light may be turned on when the door is closed by using the oven light switch located on the control panel. The lamp is covered with a glass shield. The glass shield can be remove to be cleaned manually or to change oven light.
  • Page 40: Adjusting Oven Temperature

    The temperature in the oven has been preset at the factory. When first using the oven, be sure to follow recipe times and temperatures. If you think the oven is too hot or too cool, the temperature in the oven can be adjusted. Before adjusting, test a recipe by using a temperature setting that is higher or lower than the recommended temperature.
  • Page 41: Solutions To Common Problems

    Contact cabinet maker to correct problem. ENTIRE OVEN DOES NOT OPERATE • When the oven is first plugged in, or when the power supply to the oven has been interrupted, the display will flash. The oven cannot be programmed until the clock is set.
  • Page 42: Oven Light Does Not Operate

    DO NOT use the broiler pan without the broiler pan insert or cover the broiler pan insert with aluminum foil. • Oven needs to be cleaned. Grease has built up on oven surfaces. Regular cleaning is necessary when broiling frequently. Grease or food spatters cause excessive smoking.
  • Page 43: Soil Not Completely Removed After Self-Cleaning Cycle Is Completed

    SOIL NOT COMPLETELY REMOVED AFTER SELF- CLEANING CYCLE IS COMPLETED • Failure to clean bottom, front, top of oven, frame of oven or door area outside oven seal. These areas are not in the self-cleaning area, but get hot enough to burn on residue.
  • Page 44: Warranty Information

    Industries, Inc. We authorize no person to change or add to any of our obligations under this warranty. Our obligations for service and parts under this warranty must be performed by us or an authorized Electrolux Home Products North America servicer. In Canada, your appliance is warranted by Electrolux Canada Corp.

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