Safety And Regulatory Statements - HP Model 705 - Workstation User Manual

Hp 12x speed cd-rom disk drive user's guide (a1658-90703)
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The HP 12x Speed CD-ROM Disc Drive User's Guide describes how to install,
configure, and use the HP 12x Speed CD-ROM Disc Drive with an HP 9000 Series 700
binary–compatible workstation.
We've organized this guide as follows:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
This guide is intended for use by anyone familiar with the HP 9000 Series 700 Owner's
Guide who wants to install and configure the CD-ROM Drive.

Safety and Regulatory Statements

See Appendix A for the safety and regulatory statements that apply to the HP 12x Speed
CD-ROM Disc Drive.
Describes the preparation procedures for installing the CD-ROM Disc
Drive into the system.
Describes the installation procedures for the CD-ROM Disc Drive and
how to verify the CD-ROM Disc Drive installation.
Describes what to do if you experience problems when attempting to use
the CD-ROM Disc Drive. It also explains how to check the installation of
the new CD-ROM Disc Drive.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents