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What To Do If; Remedying Small Malfunctions - Electrolux FAVORIT 55090I User Manual

Electrolux dishwasher user manual
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What to do if...

Remedying small malfunctions

Before you call the Customer Care Department, please check whether
– you cannot remedy the fault yourself with the help of the following fault ta
– whether it is caused by faulty, electrical connections and/or faulty water con
In these cases the engineer must make you liable for the costs of the Customer
Service intervention even during the warranty period.
If while the appliance is operating indicators on the control panel flash or are lit
up as described in the following table, please consult this to find out how to
remedy the fault.
After remedying the fault that is flashing in the first or second rhythm in the
programme progress display, press the button for the dishwashing cycle that
had already started. The cycle will continue.
In the case of other fault messages:
– Cancel the dishwashing cycle.
– Switch the appliance off and on again.
– Select dishwashing cycle.
If the fault is displayed again, please contact the Customer Care Department
and inform them of the fault message.
The programme indicator for the
selected dishwashing cycle is
the indicator for the end of the
dishwashing cycle is flashing in
rhythm 1 short light signal with
approx. 3 second pause in be
(Problems with water inlet)
Possible cause
The tap is blocked or furred
with lime scale.
The tap is turned off.
The filter (where present) in the
threaded hose fitting on the tap
is blocked.
Filters in the base of the wash
ing compartment are blocked.
Water inflow hose has not been
correctly positioned.
What to do if...
Clean tap.
Turn the tap on.
Clean the filter in the
threaded hose fitting.
Cancel the dishwashing cy
cle (see chapter: Starting a
dishwashing cycle),
clean filters (see chapter:
Cleaning the filters),
then start the dishwashing
cycle again.
Check hose installation.


Table of Contents

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