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If The Dishwashing Results Are Not Satisfactory - Electrolux FAVORIT 55090I User Manual

Electrolux dishwasher user manual
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If the dishwashing results are not satisfactory

The dishes are still dirty.
• The wrong dishwashing cycle was selected.
• The dishes were loaded is such a way that the dishwashing water did not
reach all items. The baskets for the dishes must not be overloaded.
• Filters in the floor of the dishwasher are not clean or incorrectly inserted.
• Good quality detergent was not used, or too little was used.
• In the case of scale deposits on the dishes: The special salt dispenser is empty
or the water softening system has been incorrectly set.
• The drain hose is incorrectly positioned.
• If at the end of the dishwashing cycle there is still detergent left in the deter
gent dispenser, either the spray arm was jammed or the spray arm jets are
blocked with pollutants in the dishwashing water.
You have the option of removing the spray arms from their fixture for clean
ing (see section "Care and Cleaning").
The dishes do not dry and are not shining.
• Poor quality rinse aid was used.
• The rinse aid dispenser is empty.
There are smears, streaks, milky spots or a shiny bluish coating on glasses
and dishes.
• Lower rinse aid dosage.
There are dried water drops on the glasses and dishes.
• Increase rinse aid dosage.
• The detergent may be the cause. Contact the detergent manufacturer's cus
tomer advice centre.
Glass corrosion
• Contact the detergent manufacturer's customer advice centre.
What to do if...


Table of Contents

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