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Electrolux FAVORIT 55090I User Manual page 20

Electrolux dishwasher user manual
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In daily use
Activation/deactivation of the 3 in 1 function
Press simultaneously the two buttons positioned over the writing 3 in 1, until
the "3 in 1 function "indicator light illuminates. This means that the function is
To deactivate the function press the same buttons again until the indicator light
corresponding to the "3 in 1" symbol turns off.
As the rinse aid inflow is automatically switched off when the 3in1 function is
activated, it may come about because of the different quality standards in the
3in1 detergent, that the dishes do not dry sufficiently.
If this happens, proceed as follows (see section "Adding rinse aid"):
• Fill up the dispenser (if this is empty) with rinse aid.
• Set rinse aid dosage to "2" mechanically.
• Activate rinse aid inflow.
If you do not want to use 3in1 products any more
If you want to stop using 3in1 products, please do the following:
• Deactivate the 3in1 function.
• Fill up the dispensers for salt and rinse aid again.
• Switch the water softener to the highest setting and perform up to three nor
mal cycles without loading any dishes.
• Then set the water softener to the water hardness in your area.
If you want to use 4in1 products
When using "4 in 1" detergents that integrate also anti glass corrosion agent
into "3 in 1" formula, please follow the same indication as given for "3 in 1" de


Table of Contents

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