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Troubleshooting Guide - Whirlpool ARC 229 Declaration Of Conformity

Built-in undercounter wine cellar - 46 bottles arc 229
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Before contacting the Customer Care Center...
Problems of operation are often due to simple causes, which may be identified and solved without using
any tools.
Appliance noises are normal because its fans and compressors switch on and off automatically.
Some operating noises may be reduced by:
• levelling the appliance and installing it on a flat surface
• separating and avoiding contact between the appliance and the units
• making sure that the internal components are placed correctly
• making sure that there is no contact between the bottles and the containers.
Some possible operating noises:
• a whistle when the appliance switches on for the first time or after a long time.
• a splash when the cooling fluid enters the pipes.
• a buzz when the fan start working.
• a crackle when the compressor starts.
• an unexpected trip when the compressor switches on and off.
When you hear these noises...
...your appliance is alive!!!