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Repair Instruction; After Sales Service - Whirlpool ARC 229 Declaration Of Conformity

Built-in undercounter wine cellar - 46 bottles arc 229
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1. The appliance does not work.
• Is there a power cut?
• Is the plug plugged into the socket properly?
• Is the 2-pole mains switch on?
• Are the electric circuit safety devices installed in
the house fully functional?
• Is the power supply cable broken?
2. The temperature inside the wine cellar is
not cold enough.
• Has the door been closed properly?
• Are the bottles stopping the door from closing?
• Has the appliance been installed near a heat
• Is the selected temperature correct?


To change the values of the temperature settings
go through the procedure as following:
• Press temperature selection buttons "+" and "-"
till "bOF" appears on the display
• Access to settings menu pushing button "+" now
it appears "Cnf", keep pushed button "+" until it
show "hy1" blinking (first parameter)
• Run through the parameter menu with button "-"
up till item "OF1" appears in the display
• Press button "+" to access the parameter
Before contacting the Customer Care
Switch the appliance on again to see if the
problem has been eliminated. If it has not,
switch off the appliance and repeat the
operation after one hour.
If your appliance still does not work properly
after carrying out the checks listed in the
troubleshooting guide and switching the
appliance on again, contact the Customer Care
Centre, clearly explaining the problem and
• Is the circulation of air through the ventilation
openings blocked?
3. The temperature inside the wine cellar is
too cold.
• Is the selected temperature correct?
4. The appliance is too noisy.
• Has the appliance been correctly installed?
• Are the pipes in the back part touching or
5. There is water on the bottom of the
• Is the defrost water drain blocked?
• With buttons "+" and "-" the setting values of
temperature can be modified
• Wait till the display stops blinking and goes back
to the working temperature
• Now pushing the buttons "+" and "-" till the
word "bON" doesn't appear anymore in the
display, which blocks the access to the menu and
saves the choosen parameter settings
• the appliance type and serial number (given
on the rating plate).
• the type of fault.
• the model.
• the Service number (the number after the
word SERVICE on the rating plate inside the
• your full address.
• your telephone number and area code.