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Storing The Bottles - Whirlpool ARC 229 Declaration Of Conformity

Built-in undercounter wine cellar - 46 bottles arc 229
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Classical storage with 36 bottles
If you want to arrange the bottles for storing wine so that they are visible and easy to take out, we
recommend the 36-bottle configuration (Bordeaux bottle or mixed Bordeaux bottle and German-type
bottle). Position a maximum of 6 bottles in the niches of each of the 5 wooden shelves; another 6 bottles
can be placed in the slots on the bottom of the cellar to give a total of 36 bottles.
The wooden shelves have a locking system to avoid accidental removal which could cause the bottles to
fall. The larger bottles (German-type bottle) should be placed on their side.
Storage with Champagne bottles.
Because Champagne bottles are larger than normal ones, a maximum of 5 must be placed on the bottom
of the cellar. If you want to store more Champagne bottles remove the 5th shelf and stack the bottles on
top of the bottles placed on the base of the cellar but in the reverse direction. Up to 9 Champagne bottles
can be stored in this way.
Taking out the wooden shelves
To take out the wooden shelves proceed as follows:
1. Hold the front part of the shelf with one hand.
2. Remove the shelf slowly by pulling it slowly towards you one third of its length.
If there are only a few bottles
If there are not enough bottles to fill the wine cellar they should be distributed between all the available
shelves, avoiding loading them all at the top or all at the bottom. So that they can be more easily seen
from outside, they should be placed centrally on all the shelves.